LOG : Lourdes (LDE) 28-08-2021

Log and photos with credit to Dan seen Lourdes, Sat 28/8/21 1725-1910. More photos at https://www.flickr.com/gp/danraistrick/80t9b9

F-HBIL Airbus A330-243 320 Corsair International fcs

In the order of parking and read off

Tarmac Aerosave side
F-HPJJ Airbus A380-861 117 Air France fcs
A6-APC Airbus A380-861 176 Etihad Airways London cls
F-HPJC Airbus A380-861 43 Air France fcs
F-HPJH Airbus A380-861 99 Air France t
F-HPJA Airbus A380-861 33 Air France fcs
F-HPJI Airbus A380-861 115 Air France fcs
A6-APB Airbus A380-861 170 Etihad Airways fcs
D-AIMI Airbus A380-841 72 Lufthansa fcs
A6-API Airbus A380-861 233 Etihad Airways fcs
9H-AIL Boeing 777-36NER 37704 white cls (ex A6-ECL)
F-GSPR Boeing 777-228ER 28683 Air France fcs
A6-APA Airbus A380-861 166 Etihad Airways fcs
LZ-GNI Airbus A319-131 2469 South African Airways fcs (ex ZS-SFM)
TU-TRC Airbus A319-112 2126 Air Cote d’Ivoire fcs
TU-TSA Airbus A319-111 2213 Air Cote d’Ivoire fcs
EI-GCC Airbus A320-214 2044 Ernest fcs
F-WWAI Airbus A340-311 1 Airbus Flightlab cls
F-WZNW Airbus A350-941 4 Airbus cls
9H-XFG Airbus A330-243 1407 Virgin Australia fcs (ex VH-XFG)
OE-IPQ Boeing 737-85P(WL) 28382 Comair British Airways fcs (ex ZS-ZWR)
N697AV Airbus A321-231SL 6190 Avianca fcs
OE-ITY Airbus A319-111 2370 basic easyJet cls (ex G-EZMK)
EI-GXV A320 ???? white cls
EI-GWK Airbus A319-111 2228 Air Cote D’Ivoire fcs (ex TU-TSB)

In front of hangars
F-WZNC Airbus A350-1041 473 British Airways fcs (to be G-XWBI)
F-WJKI Airbus A350-941 200 LATAM Airlines fcs (ex PR-XTH)
F-WWIW Airbus A350-941 459 Iberia fcs (to be EC-NMZ)
OE-ITW Airbus A319-111 2353 basic easyJet cls (ex G-EZEY)

Near scrapping area
9H-MIP Airbus A380-841 6 white cls
9H-AIY Airbus A380-861 52 Air France fcs (ex F-HPJE)
N835JM Airbus A300B4-203(F) 259 DHL fcs (ex EI-OZF)
9H-ACZ Airbus A340-313E 590 South African Airways fcs (ex ZS-SXC)
EI-EWG Airbus A330-223 927 basic Arik Air cls (ex 5N-JID, reg taped over)
F-HBIL Airbus A330-243 320 Corsair International fcs
N246GE Airbus A330-223 291 Brussels Airlines fcs (ex OO-SFT)
EI-FSS Boeing 777-2Q8ER 32701 basic Vietnam Airlines cls (ex VN-A142)
9H-DPD Airbus A380-841 8 white cls (ex 9V-SKD)
A6-EDB Airbus A380-861 13 white cls

Terminal side runway line
2-RLAY Airbus A330-223 962 Bamboo Airways fcs (ex VN-A377)
9H-ACY Airbus A340-313E 582 South African Airways fcs (ex ZS-SXB)
9H-ACX Airbus A340-313E 544 South African Airways fcs (ex ZS-SXA)
2-RLAX Airbus A330-223 943 Bamboo Airways fcs (ex VN-A376)
9H-AHQ Airbus A330-343E 1754 South African Airways fcs (ex ZS-SXJ)
N244GE Airbus A330-203 486 TAP Air Portugal fcs (ex CS-TOR)
EI-EWH Airbus A330-223 891 National Airlines fcs (ex 5N-JIC) [N819CA]
OE-IFV Airbus A320-214 960 white cls (ex CS-TNH)
D-AIQD Airbus A320-211 202 Lufthansa fcs
EI-DEC Airbus A320-214 2217 basic Aer Lingus cls
OH-LXA Airbus A320-214 1405 Finnair fcs
N243GE Airbus A330-203 477 TAP Air Portugal fcs (ex CS-TOQ)
2-HXFJ Airbus A330-243 1561 white cls (ex VH-XFJ)
OH-LTP Airbus A330-302E 1023 Finnair fcs
OH-LTN Airbus A330-302E 1007 Finnair fcs
OH-LTS Airbus A330-302E 1078 Finnair fcs
OH-LTR Airbus A330-302E 1067 Finnair fcs

Terminal side next to runway line – Back row
OO-ABD Airbus A340-313E 921 Air Belgium fcs
OH-LTM Airbus A330-302E 994 Finnair fcs
V8-001 Airbus A340-212 46 basic Royal Brunei cls (no reg worn)
OE-IDV Airbus A330-243 1508 Avianca fcs (ex N508AV)
D-AIMC Airbus A380-841 44 Lufthansa new fcs
2-SSCA Airbus A330-343E 1544 white cls (ex 9V-SSC)
F-WTAZ Airbus A340-541 608 white cls (ex A6-ERG, F-WJKI)
CS-TFX Airbus A340-542 912 HiFly cls

Terminal side next to runway line – Front row
OE-ITS Airbus A320-232 4621 Wizz Air fcs (ex HA-LWH)
LY-NVV Airbus A320-232 2085 white cls
OH-LZF Airbus A321-211 2208 Finnair fcs
OH-LXH Airbus A320-214 1913 Finnair fcs
OH-LXI Airbus A320-214 1989 Finnair fcs
OH-LXB Airbus A320-214 1470 Finnair fcs
OH-LXM Airbus A320-214 2154 Finnair fcs
OH-LZE Airbus A321-211 1978 Finnair fcs
B-308H Airbus A350-941 251 Hainan Airlines fcs
B-308J Airbus A350-941 260 Hainan Airlines fcs
B-30DP Airbus A350-941 355 Hainan Airlines fcs

Near terminal – Back row
B-30DM Airbus A350-941 351 Hainan Airlines fcs
F-WTAO Airbus A350-941 ??? Hong Kong Airlines fcs (124, 153, 168 or 187)
B-308G Airbus A350-941 246 Hainan Airlines fcs
F-WTAL Airbus A350-941 ??? Hong Kong Airlines fcs (124, 153, 168 or 187)

Near terminal – Front row
F-WTAQ Airbus A350-941 ??? Hong Kong Airlines fcs (124, 153, 168 or 187)
F-WTAK Airbus A350-941 ??? Hong Kong Airlines fcs (124, 153, 168 or 187)
LZ-GNH Airbus A321-211 1713 TAP Air Portugal fcs (ex CS-TJG)

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