LOG: Toulouse Francazal (LFBF) 29-08-2021

Log and photos with credit to Dan. Seen Francazal, Sun 28/8/21 1045-1130

YV2308 AT43 61 ex DHL fcs (no reg worn, being dismantled)
CS-DVO AT43 337 white fcs
SX-FOR AT45 524 white fcs
F-GPYN AT45 539 white fcs
G-LMRE AT45 606 Loganair fcs (in paint hangar)
F-WWLQ AT46 1416 white tail cls, primer (for Easyfly as HK-5354)
F-WWLX AT46 1604 white cls (for Tianju Airlines as B-620A)

M-ABOR AT75 630 basic Air New Zealand cls (ex ZK-MCP)
M-ABOO AT75 703 blue tail cls, white fuselage (ex ZK-MCY)
M-ABMD AT75 793 Jet Airways fcs
M-IBAN AT75 920 Jet Airways fcs
M-IBAP AT75 928 Jet Airways fcs
M-IBAQ AT75 932 Jet Airways fcs
OY-YCJ AT76 991 white cls
2-HOPY AT76 1237 Far Eastern Air Transport fcs
2-HOPL AT76 1283 Far Eastern Air Transport fcs, no tail titles
F-WWEM AT76 1556 Wings Air fcs (JQ on nwd, 80th ATR cls)
F-WWEW AT76 1565 TAROM fcs (YR-ATP)
F-WWEE AT76 1594 Wings Air fcs (JR on nwd)
F-WWEI AT76 1598 TAROM fcs (YR-ATQ)
F-WWEL AT76 1620 TAROM fcs (YR-ATT)
F-WWEP AT76 1623 IndiGo fcs (RA on nwd)
F-WWEZ AT76 1632 Braathens Regional fcs (MKN on nwd)
D4-BFB AT76 ???? Bestfly Cabo Verde fcs (BFB on nwd)

F-WWTK A20N 10188 Sichuan Airlines fcs (23L on nwd)
F-WWIU A20N 10200 Vietnam Airlines fcs (514 on nwd)
EI-GUC A320 1920 white cls (ex VT-IDS)
OE-ITN A320 4535 white cls (TN on nwd)
EI-GRZ A320 5906 white cls (RZ on nwd)
F-WHUJ A320 8597 Chengdu Airlines fcs
F-WHUK A320 8845 Chengdu Airlines fcs
F-WHUL A320 9185 Chengdu Airlines fcs
T7-WLA B737 35277 Wings of Lebanon fcs (WLA on nwd)
EI-GTN B738 30568 Sriwijaya Air fcs (ex PK-CMR)
EI-GWP B738 32363 Sun Express fcs (ex TC-SEE)
EI-GWN B738 35071 white fcs
I-SKYB E120 120087 white fcs, Skybridge titles

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