LOG: Hamburg Finkenwerder (XFW) 23-24/01/2022

Noted 14:00-18:00 on 23rd January & 08:45-10:30 on 24th January with credit to EDBO.

D-AVZS9540A321-251NXJetstar AirwaysRIVVH-OFE 
D-AYAV10067A321-251NXJetstar JapanMIDJA26LR 
D-AUBL10127A320-271NSichuan AirlinesMIDB-322U 
D-AYAQ10128A321-271NXVietJet AirDOCK  
D-AYAM10146A321-251NXJetstar JapanMIDJA27LR 
D-AVVY10158A320-251NAir ChinaH242B-326W 
D-AVYQ10161A321-251NX(Capital Airlines)380DC white overall
D-AVYP10187A321-251NXCathay Pacific AirwaysRIVB-HPF 
D-AVWG10239A319-151NChina Southern AirlinesH212B-327AASSUMED
10239 : Noted 24 Jan only. Not seen 23 Jan.   
D-AYAO10253A321-251NXAir BusanMIDHL8396 
D-AZAF10271A321-272NXStarlux AirlinesMIDB-58208 
D-AVXO10272A321-271NXVietJet AirRIV  
D-AVXN10275A321-272NVietJet AirRW23  
D-AVYG10284A321-251NXBamboo AirlinesMIDVN-A228 
D-AVWI10288A319-151NChina Southern AirlinesH241  
D-AVYM10307A321-271NXS7 AirlinesH242VQ-BYI 
D-AVYI10317A321-271NVietJet AirRIV  
D-AYAK10400A321-271NXSichuan AirlinesDC/REARB-324K 
D-AVXK10410A321-271NXQingdao AirlinesDCB-325E 
10410 : On DC 23 Jan. Towed to MID 24 Jan.   
D-AVVW10411A320-251NPeach AirlinesMIDJA205P 
D-AVVB10420A320-251NIndiGo AirlinesH243VT-ISZ 
D-AVZZ10426A321-271NXStarlux AirlinesDCB-58206 
D-AVYZ10441A321-271NVietJet Airo/s H245  
D-AVWU10448A321-271NXQingdao AirlinesDC/REARB-326W 
D-AVWW10455A321-271NXSichuan AirlinesDCB-324L 
D-AZAW10458A321-251NXPeach AirlinesMIDJA901P 
D-AVXX10461A321-251NXTAP Air PortugalH244CS-TXJ 
D-A?XJ10467A321-271NXDelta Air LinesRIVN502DAF/N 5002
10467 : Present 23 Jan only. Relocated to ??? 24 Jan. Test reg’n obscured by sharklet.
D-AZWJ10468A321-251NXAir ChinaDOCKB-327U 
D-AYAZ10486A321-271NXSichuan AirlinesDC/REARB-325H 
D-AVVV10502A320-251NPeach AirlinesMIDJA207P 
10502 : Present 24 Jan only. Not seen 23 Jan.   
D-AZAB10507A321-253NXUzbekistan AirlinesLEAKUK32101 
10507 : Present 24 Jan only. Not seen 23 Jan.   
D-AVZJ10529A321-251NXAir ChinaH243B-327T 
D-AZWB10535A321-251NXLoong Airo/s H245 ASSUMED
D-AZWG10608A321-271NXChina AirlinesMIDB-18103 
D-AYAR10614A321-253NXChina Southern AirlinesDCB-327G 
D-AVXZ10620A321-252NXStarlux AirlinesMIDB-58208 
10620 : Performed 2 x RTOs 24 Jan.   
D-AYAC10627A321-253NXSalam AirLEAKA4O-OXB 
D-AZAC10632A321-251NXUral AirlinesH241  
D-AZXF10634A321-253NXUzbekistan Airlineso/s H245UK32102 
NOREG10645A321-251NXJetstar Japano/s H245 to
D-AZWK10647A321-251NXIndiGo AirlinesMIDVT-IMG 
10647 : Present 23 Jan only. Relocated to ??? 24 Jan.  
NOREG10665A321-271NXChina AirlinesRIVB-to
D-AZWD10678A321-251NXIndiGo Airlinesnr H221VT-IMI 
NOREG10679A321-251NXPegasus AirlinesMID/RUB to
D-AZXC10694A321-271NXViva AerobusH243XA-VBX 
NOREG10695A321-251NXIndiGo AirlinesMID/RUB to
NOREG10698A321-271NXChina AirlinesH213 to
NOREG10707A321-251NXIndiGo AirlinesH242 to
NOREG10713A321-251NXAir ChinaRW23 to
10713 : Parked on ramp at R/W23 threshold 23 Jan. Moved to ??? 24 Jan
D-AZXA10723A321-271NXTurkish AirlinesRIVTC-LTK 
10723 : Present 23 Jan only. Relocated to ??? 24 Jan.  
D-AZWI10724A321-271NXQingdao AirlinesDCB-327M 
D-AZWY10736A321-271NXChina AirlinesMID/RUBB-18107 
NOREG10739A321-251NXPegasus AirlinesRIVTC-RBMto
NOREG10742A321-271NXViva AerobusRIV to. Unconfirmed
NOREG10756A321-271NXS7 AirlinesLEAK to
D-AZWU10759A321-251NXIndiGo AirlinesRIV  
NOREG10778A321-271NXSichuan AirlinesDOCK to
D-AZWP10792A321-271NXWizz AirRIVHA-LZN 
NOREG10796A321-251NXLoong AirRIV to
NOREG10809A321-271NXS7 Airlines380DC  
 10820rear fuselage (for TSN – to be A32N/China Eastern)near Beluga offload
D-AZAG10825A321-272NXAir ChinaRIV  
D-AZXB10834A321-251NXPegasus AirlinesDOCKTC-RBI 
 10844forward fuselage (from TLS – to be A21N/Aegean Airlines)near Beluga offload
NOREG10853A321-251NXCathay Pacific AirwaysRIVB-HPHto
10855 : In jig. No tail fin or tail cone. Fin on ground behind aircraft.
 10861rear fuselage (for BFM – to be A21N/Jetblue Airways)Dockside (+2 more)
D-AZWQ10864A321-253NXChina Southern AirlinesH211B-327H 
10864 : In H211 23 Jan. Towed to MID 24 Jan.   
NOREG10865A321-251NXIndiGo AirlinesRIV to
NOREG10870A321-251NXIndiGo AirlinesRIV to
NOREG10871A321-271NXWizz AirRIV to
 10913forward fuselage (from TLS – to be A21N/:Pegasus)near Beluga offload
 10953forward fuselage (from TLS – to be A21N/:Pegasus)near Beluga offload
D-AZXX10991A321-251NXIberia ExpressH244EC-NST 
10991 : Iberia Express A321 on RIV 24 Jan. Presumed to be this one ex H244 23 Jan.
D- A321-251NXAir ChinaRIV unknown
  A321-271NXChina AirlinesH213 to
  A321-251NXIndiGo Airlineso/s H245 unknown
D- A321-251NXIndiGo AirlinesRIV unknown
  A321-271NXS7 AirlinesRIV  
Not present 23 Jan. Seen 24 Jan only. Presumed to be one logged elsewhere on 23 Jan.
  A321-271NXS7 Airlineso/s H245 unknown
D- A32N/21N o/s H245 dark blue fin
 0578rear fuselage (to be A359/Air France) near Beluga offload

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