LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 24-01-2022

Log and photos with credit to Dan of things noted in addition to or as a difference to yesterdays log. Seen Toulouse, Mon 24/1/22 0900-1315

A350 flightline at Toulouse TLS/LFBO on 24-01-22

Credit : Dan Raistrick


D1018; A1059 AIB04HH: F-WZHH A359 530 Delta Air Lines fcs (3516 on tail, nwd)Q

D1037; A1132 AIB06BK: F-WWBK A20N 10706 Iberia fcs

D1130 AIB19KU: F-WWKU A338 2005 Kuwait Airways fcs (PH on nwd)

A1246: EC-406 A400 Airbus Military cls

Flightline area

F-WWIZ A20N 10644 China Express Airlines fcs

F-WWCL A332 2007 Primer cls (MRTT for France)

F-WZHJ A359 496 Turkish Airlines fcs (LGF on nwd)

F-WWET AT76 1627 white cls (TS-LBH under wing)

F-WWEW AT76 1629 TAROM fcs (YR-ATN)

F-WWEC AT76 1634 white tail cls, brown primer 

Delivery Centre ramp

VT-IIR A20N 10746 IndiGo fcs


F-WWDY A20N 10735 Swiss fcs (DF on nwd)

Outside rear of ATR hangar

F-WWLG AT46 1611 white tail cls, primer (T51611A45030 on ff)

F-WWEG AT76 1638 white tail cls, brown primer -towed to AF Technics paint hangars at 1225

A330/350/380 area

F-WZGN A359 480 Starlux Airlines fcs (01 on nwd, B-58501 on ff) -towed from main factory side at 1025

F-WWOW A388 1 Airbus cls

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