LOG: Tarbes-Lourdes (LDE) 25/03/22

Log of planes seen during a short visit 07:00 to 07:45 on the 25th.

A380 storage corner at Tarbes-Lourdes (LDE)

Boeing 737

N259GE Mango cs 32356
N260GE Mango cs 32358
OE-LDW SpiceJet 43925
UR-PSG Ukraine International 29038
VP-CTJ SpiceJet 37751
VP-CTK SpiceJet 37765

Boeing 777
VQ-BZB Azur Air 35783

N835JM DHL 259

EI-GWJ Air Cote d’Ivoire cs 2213?
EI-GWK Air Cote d’Ivoire cs 2228?
OE-ITW Easyjet cs no titles 2353
OE-ITY Easyjet cs no titles 2370

D-AIQD Lufthansa 202
EI-GCC Ernest cs 2044
EI-GXV lessor aws 5155
EI-GYF lessor aws 5090
EI-GYY lessor aws ????
LY-NVV lessor aws 2085
OE-IFV lessor aws 960
OE-ITS lessor aws 4621
VP-CAV Aer Lingus cs 2217
VQ-BCY Ural 1484
9H-AMB lessor aws 528
9H-AMM lessor aws ???

white A320 family? Blocked in by others in area with Thais

OH-LZE Finnair 1978
(N696AV) Avianca 6138 (696 read on nwd)
F-WXAT Qingdao 10649
F-WXAU Qingdo 10626
(F-WXAV) Qingdao 10410

EI-EWH National Airlines cs 891
F-WTAM Azul (Pink c/s) NV on tail 1952
LZ-DCE Air Transat 248 (106 on nwd partially taped over but readable)
(N243GE) TAP cs 477
N244GE TAP cs 486
(OE-IBG) Wamos cs 551
OH-LTN Finnair 1007
OH-LTR Finnair 1067
OH-LTS Finnair 1078
VP-BUP Nordwind Airlines 1370
VP-BHF Thai Airways cs 1374 (ex HS-TBF)
9H-XFG Virgin Australia cs 1407
(VP-BMA) Thai Airways cs 1408 (ex HS-TBG)
VP-BDV Avianca cs 1508
2-RLAX Bamboo Airways cs 943
2-RLAY Bamboo Airways cs 962
2-SSCA lessor aws 1544
9H-AJI Lessor aws 785

CS-TFX Hifly cs 912
F-WWAI Airbus 1
noreg Brunei 46 ( ex V8-001 )
(F-WTAZ) aws but very dirty 608
(9H-ACX) SAA cs 544
9H-ACY SAA cs 582
(9H-ACZ) SAA cs 590

F-WTAQ Hong Kong Airlines
?? Hong Kong Airlines
B-308G Hainan Airlines
B-308H Hainan Airlines
B-308J Hainan Airlines (nwd read)
(B-308DM) Hainai Airlines
B-30DP Hainan Airlines

A380s ( not all read – counted some tails )

A6-APA Etihad
(A6-APB) Etihad
A6-EPC Etihad
(A6-API) Etihad

(D-AIMC) Lufthansa new cs
(D-AIMI) Lufthansa old cs ( MI on tail )

(F-HPJA) Air France fcs
(F-HPJC) Air France fcs
(F-HPJD )Air France (aws) JD nwd
(F-HPJH) Air France fcs
F-HPJI Air France fcs
F-HPJJ Air France fcs
(9H-AIY) Air France fcs

9H-MIP lessor aws 006

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