LOG: Seville (SVQ) 30/04/2022

Log and photos with credit to Dan seen Seville, Sat 30/4/22 1030-1450 Credit : Dan Raistrick Airbus north area T.21-04 Casa C-295M 005 Spanish Air Force (35-42) 0481 Casa C-295W 172 Czech Air Force T.19B-22 Casa/Airtech CN-235M VIGMA C181 Spanish Guardia Civil 295505 Casa C-295W Kingfisher (CC-295) 194 Royal Canadian Air Force cls (505 code)... Continue Reading →

LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 29/04/2022

Log and photos with credit to Dan seen Toulouse, Fri 29/4/22 0920-2000 Credit : Dan Raistrick Movements D1010 AIB71XB - D-AVXB A21N 6839 Airbus NEO cls D1016 AIB02DJ - F-WWDJ A20N 10771 Volaris fcs (VSZ on nwd) D1018 AIB03DJ - F-WWIJ A20N 10824 Volaris fcs (VSP on nwd) [LFBF] D1023 ABR072P - EI-GUL AT76 1653... Continue Reading →

LOG: Toulouse Francazal (LFBF) 29/04/2022

Log and photos with credit to Dan, seen Francazal, Fri 29/4/22 1130-1315, 1730-1830 Credit : Dan Raistrick Military side R203 C160 203 French Air Force (64-GC) R204 C160 204 French Air Force (64-GD) R226 C160 229 French Air Force (64-GZ) 0062 A400M 062 French Air Force (F-RBAL) -training flights AM Hangar side YV2308 AT43 61... Continue Reading →

LOG: Castellón (CDT) 24/04/22

Log and photos with credit to Rick. We stopped at Castellón (CDT) for the first time for a quick stop for a few needed frames, not one that gets reported on much. From the terminal and cargo area, we were able to see and read off everything from the fence lines (some have no reg’s... Continue Reading →

LOG: Toulouse Francazal (LFBF) 23/04/2022

Log with credit to Rick seen LFBF 23-04-22 17:30-18:30 Photos at https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjzNrXK credit Rick Savage First the requests 1. 2x ATR72 all white, no reg carried - https://flickr.com/photos/23728914@N08/52052014723/in/album-72177720298657061/ 2. 737 white c/s and A320 white c/s - Storage area at end of hangars with 2 of the Chengdu - https://flickr.com/photos/23728914@N08/52052014723/in/album-72177720298657061/ 4. 737 white c/s in hangar along with... Continue Reading →

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