LOG: Châteauroux (CHR) 19/04/2022

Log and photos with credit to Rob.

OE-INUAirbus A320 2323753all white
F-WWBEAirbus A320 251n10737China Eastern Airlines
F-WWBYAirbus A320 251n10658China Eastern Airlines
F-WWDHAirbus A320 251n10791SmartAvia
F-WWIDAirbus A320 251n10302all white
F-WWTLAirbus A320 251n10741China Eastern Airlines
F-WWTRAirbus A320 251n10786SmartAvia
VP-BOFAirbus A320 251n7576SmartAvia
NO REGAirbus A321 211941ex Finnair colors
NO REGAirbus A321 211961ex Finnair colors
N827QAirbus A321 211827Windrose Air
N1207AAirbus A321 2311207Vallair Solutions SARL
N974MAirbus A321 231974Onur Air
VP-BWSAirbus A321 2311487Red Wings Airlines
F-HHUBAirbus A330 223343Air Caraïbes Atlantique
9H-MRXAirbus A330 2431224ex Avianca colors
B-LHAAirbus A330 243396Hong Kong Airlines
LY-MACAirbus A330 2431047Heston Airlines
9H-AJNNAirbus A330 302725all white
B-LHDAirbus A330 343E1146Hong Kong Airlines
F-WWYYAirbus A330 9411981all white
F-HLMGAirbus A340 21281ex French Air Force colors
F-WZHCAirbus A350 1041430Qatar Airways
F-WZFPAirbus A350 941463Aeroflot Russian Airlines
F-WZGBAirbus A350 941471Aeroflot Russian Airlines
F-WZNAAirbus A350 941550Sichuan Airlines
F-WZNJAirbus A350 941457Aeroflot Russian Airlines
EC-JFRBoeing B.747 228BSCD22272Air Pullmantur
SX-FINBoeing B.747 283BF21575
F-GTOMBoeing B.747 SP4421253Corsair International
9H-LEONAirbus A330-?????Airhubaviation
9H-SMHAirbus A330-????? 
F-WTAPAirbus A320-?????All white
F-WTBTAirbus A320-?????All white

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