LOG: Toulouse Francazal (LFBF) 23/04/2022

Log with credit to Rick seen LFBF 23-04-22 17:30-18:30


Photos at https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjzNrXK credit Rick Savage

First the requests

1. 2x ATR72 all white, no reg carried – https://flickr.com/photos/23728914@N08/52052014723/in/album-72177720298657061/

2. 737 white c/s and A320 white c/s – Storage area at end of hangars with 2 of the Chengdu – https://flickr.com/photos/23728914@N08/52052014723/in/album-72177720298657061/

4. 737 white c/s in hangar along with one of the Blue Air 738s

5. ATR72 Sky Express. Either SX-THR (noted 02/04) or SX-FIV (arrived 13/04)

Full log as below – there are 4 Blue Air 738s present and unmarked, YR-BMS (now 9H-AJK) not seen which is in a white c/s from photos seen. Others in standard Blue Air c/s

9H-AJD A320 Super Air Jet

(CS-DVO) ATR42 – reg scrubbed, being parted out

D-AABE A321 all white – german flag on tail

D-AABF A321 all white

EC-JQL ATR72 all white

EC-KGI ATR72 all white

EC-NCC ATR72 Air Nostrum

EI-GTN 738 Sriwijaya Air

EI-GZP A320 all white

EI-HCP A320 white c/s

F-WHUJ A320 Chengdu Airlines

F-WHUK A320 Chengdu Airlines

F-WHUL A320 Chengdu Airlines

F-WHUM A320 Chengdu Airlines

F-WHUR A320 Chengdu Airlines

F-WWDE A320 China Express

F-WWDI A320 China Express – 28G nwd

F-WWDM A320 S7 Airlines

F-WWDT A320 China Express

F-WWEI/1598 ATR72 Easyfly

F-WWEP/1646 ATR72 Afrijet – ‘BW’ nwd

F-WWTK A320 Sichuan Airlines

G-FBXA ATR72 all white – not yet 2-FBXA

G-FBXB ATR72 all white – not yet 2-FBXB


LZ-DAB A321 Onur Air

M-ABMD ATR72 ex Jet Airways – 793 sticker also

(M-ABOO/5H-FLA) ATR72 Flightlink

(M-ABOR) ATR72 ex ANZ basic c/s, scrubbed

M-IBAN ATR72 ex Jet Airways

(SX-FOR) ATR42 – being parted out (F-WTBX also reported)

OE-IAO A320 basic Citylink c/s

OE-IWQ 73M8 SpiceJet

TJ-ZES E145 Fly ZeJet

(TR-ABC) ATR72 Afrijet

TR-ATR ATR72 Afrijet

VP-COS A320 all white

(VP-CTI) 738 SpiceJet

(YR-BMG) 738 Blue Air

(YR-BMO) 738 Blue Air – since become OE-LVC

(YR-BMP) 738 Blue Air

(YV2308) ATR42 DHL – being parted out


110/XP TBM700 French AF (not on mil side)

R204/64-GD C160 French AF

R226/64-GZ C160 French AF

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