LOG: Lourdes-Tarbes (LDE) 23/04/2022

Log and photos with credit to Rick.


Credit : Rick Savage

After TLS and Francazal, we were still on track for getting to Lourdes before it went too dark.

A quick 50 min visit, starting from the terminal and then round the track around the back just in time.

I have put the log into 3 different sections. First is what we could see from opposite the terminal and round the back of the hangars, then onto a separate storage area to the left of the terminal, and finally another store area further down near the end of the runway.

Due to time (dark and beers to be had in Tarbes) and tired eyes, a few were not identifiable

1. A320/W all white in the far storage area, next to unknown c/n EI-GYY. Suggest these are both ex JA01VA and JA03VA, as both were with winglets


2. EI- A320 all white opposite the terminal, to the right of the hangars. Probably EI-GXV

9H-XFG A332 Virgin Australia

3. A320 all white near the Qingdao A321s.

LDE Storage 23-04-22

Full album https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjzMQeo

Used Planebase as the guide

Not seen/logged were the following

EI-GXV A320 IndiGo – probably as above

F-WXAM,N,O A359 Azul

JA01VA/JA03VA A320 ANA (probably two as above)


N693AV/N697AV A321 Avianca


OE-ITS A320 Wizzair

OH-LZE A321 Finnair

On with the log:-

Opposite the terminal

? A320 all white

EI-??? A320 all white

?? A359? – next to the Wamos Air – https://flickr.com/photos/23728914@N08/52039994462/in/album-72177720298536864/

2-MAFS A333 Thai Airways

A6-APA A380 Etihad Airways

(A6-APB) A380 Etihad Airways

(A6-APC) A380 Etihad Airways

(A6-API) A380 Etihad Airways

(9H-ACZ) A343 South African Airways

9H-AIY A380 Air France

9H-AJI A332 all white

9H-AMM A320 all white

(9H-DPD) A380 all white

9H-MIP A380 all white

(9H-XFG) A332 Virgin Australia

B-30DM A359 Hainan Airlines

B-30DP A359 Hainan Airlines

B-308G A359 Hainan Airlines

B-308H A359 Hainan Airlines

(B-308J) A359 Hainan Airlines

(D-AIMC) A380 Lufthansa

(D-AIMI) A380 Lufthansa

(F-HPJA) A380 Air France

(F-HPJC) A380 Air France

(F-HPJD) A380 Air France

(F-HPJH) A380 Air France

F-HPJI A380 Air France

F-HPJJ A380 Air France

F-WTAL A359 Hong Kong Airlines

F-WTAM A339 Azul ‘NV’ on tail

F-WWAI A343 Airbus

(F-WXAA) A333 Hong Kong Airlines

F-WXAT A321 Qingdao Airlines

F-WXAU A321 Qingdao Airlines

F-WXAV A321 Qingdao Airlines

F-WZNW A359 Airbus


N243GE A332 TAP

N244GE A332 TAP

N696AV A321 Avianca

(N835JM) A300 DHL

OE-ITW A319 Easyjet

OE-LDW 73M8 SpiceJet

(OE-IBG) A332 Wamos Air

(OH-LTR) A333 Finnair

OH-LTS A333 Finnair

(RP-C8760) A333 Philippines Airlines

VP-BDV A332 Avianca

VP-BGK 773 Royal Flight

VP-BHF A333 Thai Airways

VP-BMA A333 Thai Airways

VP-BUP A333 Nordwind Airlines

VP-CAV A320 ex Aer Lingus ‘EC’ on tail, scrap area

VQ-BZB 773 Azur Air

VQ-BCY A320 Ural Airlines

plus ex A310 French Air Force. Either F-RADB or F-RADC

Right of terminal

2-RLAX A332 Bamboo Airways

2-SSCA A333 all white

CS-TFX A345 HiFly

9H-ACX A343 South African Airways

9H-ACY A343 South African Airways

EI-EWH A332 National Airlines

F-WTAZ A346 all white

LZ-DCE A332 Air Transat

OH-LTN A333 Finnair

(V8-001) A342 ex Brunai

Far right of terminal

unknown A320 all white next to EI-GYY

2-RLAY A332 Bamboo Airways

9H-AMB A320 all white

D-AIQD A320 Lufthansa

(EI-GCC) A320 Ernest Air

EI-GWJ A319 Air Côte d Ivoire

EI-GWK A319 Air Côte d Ivoire

EI-GYF A320 all white

EI-GYY A320 all white (unknown c/n)

OE-ITY A319 Easyjet

N259GE 738 Mango

N260GE 738 Mango

UR-PSG 738 Air Ukraine

VP-CTJ 738 SpiceJet

VP-CTK 738 SpiceJet

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