LOG: Castellón (CDT) 24/04/22

Log and photos with credit to Rick.

HB-IJH A320 Swiss

We stopped at Castellón (CDT) for the first time for a quick stop for a few needed frames, not one that gets reported on much.

From the terminal and cargo area, we were able to see and read off everything from the fence lines (some have no reg’s painted). We saw an IBE A340 tail to the far right, so walked up towards the control tower (barrier controlled so could not go up the road with the car). By the roundabout at the top of the hill, you can then see another ramp which looks to be where they are parting stuff out (looked like a new ramp), but also contained the missing ex SilkAir A320 in storage.

No issues with walking around and taking photos. Of note, to the left of the cargo area is a steep drop before a road on the other side (so don’t walk along the fence line this end!). Time was against us, but looking at Google Maps, it is not that easy to get onto that road (bit of a detour and time was against us), but would of given a different view on that cargo area ramp. UR-EMA was behind UR-PSQ, and both E190s were nose on to each other, but from that road it would have been seen better and perhaps some better photos as well of all the aircraft on the deck.

All the Belavia E190s were missing the B, presume because of what is happening in Ukraine so were all “elavia”. One Ukraine 737 was being also worked on, so one perhaps to be activated for this advertised leasing to get some additional cash in.

Last note, there is a new hangar gone up, presume to help with the maintenance / scrapping process. This is to the right of the terminal, but not in use as of yet.

Photos at https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjzLZhb

Log below:-

2-DREM         A320-233                   4118                all white

2-EENS           A319-133                   4215                all white

(2-GZTD)       B37NG-73V/W        32418              ASL Airlines France

CS-TQU          B737NG-8K2/W      30646              EuroAtlantic Airways – being worked on

EC-IZY              A340-642                   604                  Iberia

EC-JGM         A320-214                   2407                Vueling Airlines

EC-JLE              A340-642                   702                  Iberia – scrap area

EC-MQH        A320 214                   1296                Gowair Vacation Airlines

EI-GYV           EMB-195 E2              19020042       Belavia

EI-GYW          EMB-195 E2              19020049       Belavia

EI-GYX            EMB-195 E2              19020053       Belavia

ER-AXL           A319-112                   2849                Air Moldova

ER-AXR          A321-211                   808                  Air Moldova

HB-IJH            A320-214                   574                  Swiss International Air Lines – scrap area, missing cockpit

HB-IOK           A321-111                   987                  Swiss International Air Lines – not wearing OE-LOS

(OE-LDZ)       B737NG-8K5/W      32907              Smartwings – no reg carried

PH-XRA          B737NG 7K2/W       30784              Transavia Airlines – not wearing OE-ILH

RP-C7935      A320-232                   1411                Pan Pacific Airlines

UR-EMA        EMB-195 AR              19000494       Ukraine International

UR-EMG        EMB-195 AR              19000088       Ukraine International

UR-PSF          B737NG-84R/W      38120              Ukraine International

UR-PSK          B737NG-94XER/W 36086              Ukraine International

UR-PSO         B737NG-8Q8/W     30628              Ukraine International

UR-PSP          B737NG-8Q8/W     28241              Ukraine International

UR-PSQ         B737NG-86N/W     28620              Ukraine International

UR-PSX          B737NG-8EH/W      34280              Ukraine International

UR-PSY          B737NG-8EH/W      34281              Ukraine International

(VP-CEA)       CASA C-295 M         166                  all white – reg blacked out

(VP-CED)       CASA C-295 M         167                  all white – reg blacked out (small operated by DAC behind read door)

VQ-BRF          B737NG 808/W       34970              Royal Flight

VT-IKE            A320 232                   2138                IndiGo Airlines – not wearing 2-KIET

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