LOG: Toulouse Francazal (LFBF) 30/03/2022

Log with credit to Colin Wright skipping some of the stuff that has been there for a long time.

G-LMTE ATR72 Loganair full cs

G-FBXA ATR72 all white

OY-YDZ,YEA ATR72s Golden Myanmar full cs

EI-GZW,GZY ATR72s Aer Lingus full new cs

OY-YCJ ATR72 all white

SX-THR ATR72 Sky Express full old cs

LZ-DBN ATR72 basic LIAT cs

F-WWTK/10188 A320N Sichuan A/L full cs

F-WWDT/10644 A320N China Express full cs

F-WWDI/10655 A320N China Express full cs

OE-IAO A320 Citilink full cs

9H-AJD A320 Super Air Jet full cs

9H-AJG A320 all white

Plus EI-GUC,GZP,HCP +1 A320s all white

TJ-ZES E145 Fly ZeJet full cs

One or two went unread and on the mil side was:

F-RBAK A400M French AF

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