LOG: Monchengladbach (MGL) 01/05/2022

Log and photos with credit to Dan, seen Monchengladbach, Sun 1/5/22 1310-1610

EI-FAU ATR 72-600 1098 Aer Lingus Regional fcs

Credit : Dan Raistrick

Near terminal

EI-FAX ATR 72-600 1129 Aer Lingus Regional fcs

** AT72 white cls (760 or 996)

RAS Hangars

2-GJSB ATR 42-512 576 basic Kam Air cls (ex YA-KMQ)

EI-FAS ATR 72-600 1083 Aer Lingus Regional fcs

OY-YEA ATR 72-600 1156 Golden Myanmar Airlines fcs (ex XY-AJS)

N1199 ATR 72-600 1199 Avianca fcs (ex HK-5323)

D-COCA Beech 1900D UE-224 Private Wings

RAS Ramp

S5-ACK ATR 72-212 369 Aero4m cls

2-RASA ATR 72-212A 529 FlyBe cls (ex G-ISLI reg taped over)

2-GJSA ATR 42-512 574 basic Kam Air cls ex YA-KMP 

NAF931 ATR 42-512MP 800 Nigeria Air Force cls

OY-YCK ATR 72-600 1026 Azul Brasil cls (ex PR-ATP)

EI-FAT ATR 72-600 1097 Aer Lingus Regional fcs

EI-FAU ATR 72-600 1098 Aer Lingus Regional fcs

EI-FAV ATR 72-600 1105 Aer Lingus Regional fcs

East side

EI-FCZ ATR 72-600 1159 Aer Lingus Regional fcs

North side

D-CNRZ British Aerospace 3107 Jetstream 31 703

EI-FAW ATR 72-600 1122 Aer Lingus Regional fcs

EI-FCY ATR 72-600 1139 Aer Lingus Regional fcs

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