LOG: Hamburg Finkenwerder (XFW) 25-27/5/22

Log and photos with credit to Rob seen at XFW 25/5 14:00 to 27/5 12:00.

D-AVZSAirbus A321 251nx9540Jetstar AirwaysFCSH241-244
D-AUBLAirbus A320 271n10127Sichuan AirlinesFCSFROM DC TO MIDFIELD
D-AYAMAirbus A321 251nx10146Jetstar JapanFCSDC
D-AVYQAirbus A321 251nx10161all whiteWHIMIDFIELD
B-HPFAirbus A321 251nx10187Cathay Pacific AirwaysFCSREG VISIBLE UNDER WING (AIB187C)
D-AVYPAirbus A321 251nx10187Cathay Pacific AirwaysFCSDC
D-AVXOAirbus A321 271nx10272VietJet AirFCSDOCK SIDE
D-AVXNAirbus A321 271nx10275VietJet AirFCSDOCK SIDE
D-AVYGAirbus A321 251nx10284Bamboo AirwaysFCSDC
D-AVYIAirbus A321 271nx10317VietJet AirFCSTOWED TO RIVER STORAGE?
D-AYAKAirbus A321 271nx10400Sichuan AirlinesFCSMIDFIELD
D-AVVBAirbus A320 251n10420IndiGoFCSA380 DC
D-AVZZAirbus A321 252nx10426Starlux AirlinesFCSDC
D-AVYCAirbus A321 271nx10434VietJet AirFCSDOCK SIDE
D-AVYZAirbus A321 271nx10441VietJet AirFCSDC
D-AVWUAirbus A321 271nx10448Qingdao AirlinesFCSMIDFIELD
D-AVWWAirbus A321 271nx10455Sichuan AirlinesFCSMIDFIELD
F-WXALAirbus A321 251nx10458Peach AviationFCSDC DELIVERED 27-05-2022
D-AVYUAirbus A321 271nx10489VolarisFCSMIDFIELD
D-AVWPAirbus A319 153n10607Tibet AirlinesFCSBETWEEN PAINTSHOPS
D-AVXZAirbus A321 252nx10620Starlux AirlinesFCSDC
D-AZWXAirbus A321 251nx10648Zhejiang Loong AirlinesFCSDC
D-AVVHAirbus A320 271n10661Cebu Pacific AirFCSH241-244
RP-C4131Airbus A320 271n10661Cebu Pacific AirFCSREG VISIBLE UNDER STICKER
D-AZXPAirbus A321 251nx10695IndiGoFCSMIDFIELD
D-AZXGAirbus A321 272nx10713Air ChinaFCSRIVER STORAGE
EI-SIKAirbus A320 251n10716SAS ConnectFCSDC DELIVERED 27-05-2022
D-AZWIAirbus A321 271nx10724Qingdao AirlinesFCSMIDFIELD
NO REGAirbus A321 271nx10729VivaAerobusTAILMULTIPLE PLACES
TC-RBMAirbus A321 251nx10739Pegasus AirlinesFCSDC DELIVERED 27-05-2022
D-AZXYAirbus A321 271nx10778Sichuan AirlinesFCSRIVER STORAGE
D-AVYDAirbus A321 271nx10789S7 AirlinesFCSMIDFIELD + TAXI TEST 27-05
D-AZWZAirbus A321 271nx10809S7 AirlinesFCSMIDFIELD
D-AVWZAirbus A321 251nx10814Pegasus AirlinesFCSTOWED TO ??
D-AZYAAirbus A321 253nx10831China Southern AirlinesFCSBACK OF MIDFIELD
D-AXXEAirbus A321 271nx10832Aegean AirlinesFCSH241-244
XA-VXCAirbus A321 271nx10836VivaAerobusFCSDC
D-AZAXAirbus A321 271nx10844Aegean AirlinesFCSMIDFIELD
D-AZXEAirbus A321 251nx10853Cathay Pacific AirwaysFCSH241-244
D-AXXCAirbus A321 271nx10854Turkish AirlinesFCSMIDFIELD
NO REGAirbus A321 252nx10862Air ChinaTAILBACK OF MIDFIELD
D-AVZDAirbus A321 251nx10865IndiGoFCSMIDFIELD
D-AVXJAirbus A321 251nx10867Zhejiang Loong AirlinesFCSRIVER STORAGE
VT-IMJAirbus A321 251nx10870IndiGoFCSDC
D-AUBWAirbus A320 271n10873VolarisFCSMIDFIELD
D-AVXAAirbus A321 251nx10874IndiGoFCSMIDFIELD
D-AZYOAirbus A321 271nx10875Wizz AirFCSH241-244
D-AVYNAirbus A321 251nx10877Air BusanFCSH241-244
NO REGAirbus A321 271nx10878Turkish AirlinesTAILRIVER STORAGE
NO REGAirbus A321 271nx10880Sichuan AirlinesTAILDC
NO REGAirbus A321 251nx10882IndiGoTAILRIVER STORAGE
D-AVYXAirbus A321 251nx10886IndiGoFCSTOWED TO DC 27-05-2022
NO REGAirbus A321 251nx10890IndiGoTAILDOCK SIDE
D-AVYHAirbus A321 271nx10892LufthansaFCSMIDFIELD
NO REGAirbus A321 271nx10893Wizz AirTAILH104 26-05-2022
D-AVWOAirbus A319 153n10897PrivateFCSH241-244
NO REGAirbus A321 251nx10900IndiGoTAILBACK OF MIDFIELD
NO REGAirbus A321 271nx10902Air AstanaTAILH241-244
D-AXXBAirbus A321 251nx10905Zhejiang Loong AirlinesFCSDOCK SIDE
NO REGAirbus A321 271nx10907Wizz Air UKTAILDC
NO REGAirbus A321 251nx10909IndiGoTAILDOCK SIDE
D-AZAPAirbus A321 271nx10915China AirlinesFCSH241-244
D-AXXJAirbus A321 271nx10916Air AstanaFCSTOWED OUT OF H214
D-AXXLAirbus A321 251nx10917Pegasus AirlinesFCSRIVER STORAGE
SX-NAFAirbus A321 271nx10920Aegean AirlinesFCSDC 27-05-2022
NO REGAirbus A320 251n10923SAS ConnectTAILA380 DC
NO REGAirbus A321 251nx10925Pegasus AirlinesTAILDOCK SIDE
NO REGAirbus A321 271nx10928Sichuan AirlinesTAILLEAK TEST
D-AVZYAirbus A321 271nx10930Wizz Air UKFCSH241-244
D-AVXDAirbus A321 271nx10931China AirlinesFCSENGINE TEST 27-05
NO REGAirbus A321 271nx10933Wizz AirTAILH241-244
NO REGAirbus A321 271nx10939China AirlinesTAILMULTIPLE PLACES
NO REGAirbus A321 251nx10940VivaAerobusTAILMIDFIELD
NO REGAirbus A320 251n10941SAS ConnectTAILLEAK TEST
VT-IMRAirbus A321 251nx10945IndiGoFCSDC
D-AZYJAirbus A321 271nx10950Wizz AirFCSIN FRONT OF H14 26-05
D-AZYQAirbus A321 271nx10952VivaAeroBusFCSBACK OF MIDFIELD
D-AYALAirbus A321 251nx10953Pegasus AirlinesFCSMIDFIELD
D-AVZKAirbus A321 251nx10962Pegasus AirlinesFCSDOCK SIDE
NO REGAirbus A321 271nx10963Air New ZealandTAILRIVER STORAGE
NO REGAirbus A321 271nx10967Aegean AirlinesTAILH9
NO REGAirbus A321 271nx10968Qingdao AirlinesPRINO TAIL ATTACHED H9
D-AYAWAirbus A321 251nx10969Iberia ExpressTAILRIVER STORAGE
D-AYAFAirbus A321 271nx10974Delta Air LinesFCSDC
NO REGAirbus A321 271nx10975Delta Air LinesTAILDOCK SIDE
D-AZYUAirbus A321 272nx10977Korean AirFCSRIVER STORAGE
NO REGAirbus A320 251n10990SAS ConnectTAILTOWED TO ??
NO REGAirbus A321 271nx10993Wizz AirTAILMULTIPLE PLACES
D-AVXLAirbus A321 271nx11011Aegean AirlinesFCSDC
NO REGAirbus A321 251nx11015IndiGoTAILRIVER STORAGE
NO REGAirbus A321 271nx11017Wizz AirPRINO TAIL ATTACHED TOWED TO H212
D-AVWYAirbus A321 251nx11029Pegasus AirlinesFCSDC
NO REGAirbus A321 271nx11036Delta Air LinesTAILH214 (TOWED TO RIVER?)
NO REGAirbus A321 272nx11042Air ChinaTAILBACK OF MIDFIELD
NO REGAirbus A321 253ny11058AirbusTAILCAME OUT H212, TO ???
NO REGAirbus A321 253ny11080AirbusPRIPRIMER, WHITE TAIL
B-Airbus A321 251nx?????Zhejiang Loong AirlinesFCSA380 DC
D-AAirbus A321?????Air TransatFCSLEAK TEST (CODE IN TAIL 751)
D-AYAKAirbus A321 271nx?????VolarisFCSMIDFIELD

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