LOG: Toulouse Francazal (LFBF) 23/6/2022

Log re-posted with permission of original new groups poster.

Very hazy mid morning here on thursday


553  SX-ONE ATR72  ex SKE

563  SX-THR  ATR72  ex SKE

590  SX-FIV  ATR72  ex SKE

703  5H-FLA  ATR72  Flightlink

715  TR-ABC  ATR72  Afrijet

719  2-ACIA  ATR72

726  EC-JQL  ATR72

752  F-WKVB  ATR72 

793  M-ABMD  ATR72  ex Jet

1260  G-FBXA  ATR72

….  XA-.AP  ATR72  TaoAirlines was acute, looked like XA-ZAP

….  5V-TTL  ATR72

+ at least 2 all white ATR72s unmarked

A320 Family

2649  9H-AWL  A320  Super Air Jet (PK-SGD)

4961  OE-IAO  A320  Citilink

5027  EI-GWL  A320  Super Air Jet

5092  EI-HCP  A320  Super Air Jet

5767  D-AABE  A321  (white)

5774  D-AABF  A321  (white)

7100  EI-HDM  A320  (white)

8597  F-WHUJ  A320  UEA

8845  F-WHUK  A320  UEA

9185  F-WHUL  A320  UEA

9279  F-WHUM  A320  UEA

9319  F-WHUR  A320  UEA

10188  A20N  F-WWTK  B-323L  CSC

10546  A20N  F-WWDM  VQ-BHS  SBI

10637  A20N  F-WWDE  B-329F  HXA

10644  A20N  F-WWDT  B-329G  HXA

10655  A20N  F-WWDI  B-328G  HXA

10806  A20N  F-WWIM  VQ-BHM  SBI


30658  EI-GTN  B738  ex SJY

35353  M-ABPP  B738  (white)

43926  OE-IWQ  B38M  Spicejet 

Was a number of Blue Air, and ATRs all covered 

145668  TJ-ZES  E145  FlyZejet

Stored Transalls

R203  C160

R204  C160

R226  C160


After we left, Thursday morning, a 2nd Spicejet B38M arrived at LFBF from Shannon, reg OE-ITU

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