LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 02/02/2023

Log with credit to LFHI, photo with credit to Alan PARDOE

DC panorama Feb 2 2023  A6-EDQ, post repairs

350 Qatar Airlines x2, FCS, test area
320 Scandinavian Airline x3, FCS, test area
320 Scandinavian Airlines, Tail Cls, On prod line
320 Vistara, FCS, test area
320 Avianca, FCS, test area
320 Go First x2, FCS, test area
320 Flyarystan, FCS, test area
320 White, test area
72 white, test area
72 primer, test area
42 tailess, test area

And the log…

421615F-WWLKTest AreaNo tail
721637F-WWEFUS-Bangla AirlinesTest AreaFCS
721656F-WWEBTest AreaNo tail
721744F-WWEWFedEx FeederN708FETest AreaFCS
A32010783F-WWIVColorful Guizhou AirlinesB-329JDelivery CentreFCS
A32010820F-WWIZChina Eastern AirlinesB-32ACTest AreaFCS
A32010994F-WWDYChina Eastern AirlinesB-32C5Test AreaFCS
A32011230F-WWDKViva Air ColombiaDelivery CentreFCS
A32011258F-WWDXVolarisN547VLDelivery CentreFCS
A32011263F-WWDVAzul Linhas Aereas BrasileirasPR-YSNDelivery CentreFCS
A32011270N974NKSpirit AirlinesDelivery CentreFCS
A32011302F-WWDNAir CairoSU-BUPTest AreaFCS
A32011308F-WWTRAegean AirlinesSX-NEHTest AreaFCS
A32011322F-WWDJAir CairoSU-BURTest AreaFCS
A32011338F-WWIGAegean AirlinesSX-NEITest AreaFCS
A32011344F-WWIPPlayTF-PPFAir France IndustriesFCS
A32011346F-WWBPChina Eastern AirlinesTest AreaFCS
A32011359F-WWIJIberiaEC-NZPTest AreaFCS
A32011369F-WWBIAzul Linhas Aereas BrasileirasPR-YSOTest AreaFCS
A32011375F-WWIQIndiGoVT-IPRTest AreaFCS
A32011384F-WWIBAegean AirlinesSX-NEJLatercoereFCS
A32011387NO REGFlyadealTest AreaFCS
A32011393F-WWIHCebu PacificSt Martin LagardereFCS
A32011399F-WWIAAegean AirlinesSX-NELTest AreaFCS
A32011408F-WWTMItalia Trasporto AereoEI-HJETest AreaPR
A32011438NO REGVistaraProduction LineTail Colours
A32011450NO REGItalia Trasporto AereoOE-IDAProduction LineMated Fuse
A32011459NO REGAviancaTest AreaUnmated Fuse
A32011469NO REGAegean AirlinesTest AreaUnmated Fuse
A32111311F-WWDPVolarisN548VLTest AreaFCS
A3301959F-WWCDCondor FlugdienstRun Up BayFCS
A3301971F-WWYACondor FlugdienstD-ANRETest AreaFCS
A3302026F-WWKQCondor FlugdienstD-ANRITest AreaFCS
A3302030F-WWYNMultinational MRTT FleetT-061Delivery CentrePR
A3302035F-WWYOItalia Trasporto AereoTest AreaPR
A350549EC-NVRIberiaAir France IndustriesFCS
A350558F-WZFNAeroflot Russian AirlinesVP-BYXSt Martin LagardereFCS
A350571F-WZNSSichuan AirlinesB-32AGTest AreaFCS
A350581F-WZNKAir ChinaTest AreaFCS
A350585F-WZGTF-WZGTSt Martin LagarderePR
A350589F-WZNYF-WZNYSt Martin LagarderePR
A350590F-WZFQLufthansaD-AIXRTest AreaTail Colours
A350592F-WZHHF-WZHHSt Martin LagarderePR
A350594F-WZGZF-WZGZSt Martin LagarderePR
A350595F-WZNLAir ChinaTest AreaFCS
A350596F-WZHJTurkish AirlinesTC-LGHTest AreaFCS
A350597F-WZGAAsiana AirlinesHL8521Test AreaFCS
A350598F-WWBWChina Southern AirlinesTest AreaTail Colours
A350600F-WZFFAir CaraibesF-WZFFTest AreaFCS
A350602F-WWXLAsiana AirlinesHL8522Test AreaFCS
A350609F-WZGVBritish AirwaysTest AreaTail Colours

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