LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 15-16/4/2023

Log and photos with credit to Marcus seen Toulouse-Blagnac TLS 15/4-16/4/23

Delivery Centre area

F-WWBQ Airbus A320-251N 10800 Chengdu Airlines fcs (2D8 on nwd) [B-32D8]

F-WWIE Airbus A320-251N 11187 Kuwait Airways fcs (KS on nwd) [9K-AKS] later PM to DC Hangar back to DC Sun

G-UJEA Airbus A320-251N 11230 Viva Air Colombia cls (for Easyjet)

G-UJEB Airbus A320-251N 11242 Viva Air Colombia cls (for Easyjet)

F-WWTL Airbus A320-271N 11327 Tianjin Airlines fcs (32DA on nwd) [B-32DA]

F-WWIB Airbus A320-271N 11384 Aegean Airlines fcs (EJ on nwd) [SX-NEJ]

RP-C4136 Airbus A320-271N 11393 Cebu Pacific Air fcs (36 on nwd) Sat only

VT-IPS Airbus A320-251N 11401 Indigo ccs

F-WZNL Airbus A350-941 595 Air China fcs (2DN on nwd) [B-32DN] 

Delivery Centre hangar

F-WWIT Airbus A320-251N 11106 Viva Air Colombia Pink cls (for Air Cairo)

F-WZHF Airbus A350-941 575 Air China fcs (2D3 on nwd) [B-32D3]


F-WWDL Airbus A320-251N 11452 white cls (maybe UK32024 under tape)

F-WWDE Airbus A320-271N 11461 ITA Airways fcs (ND on tail, nwd) [EI-IND] Austrian flag = OE-IFI delivery reg (Sun only)

Flightline area

F-WWDC Airbus A320-251N 11218 Viva Air Colombia cls (for Air Cairo)

F-WWBI Airbus A320-251N 11369 Azul Brasil fcs (SO on tail, nwd) [PR-YSO](Sun only)

F-WWIF Airbus A320-251N 11403 British Airways fcs (NU on tail, nwd) [G-TTNU] sun only

F-WWTM Airbus A320-272N 11408 ITA Airways fcs (JE on tail, nwd) [EI-HJE](Sun only)

F-WWDZ Airbus A320-251N 11414 Flynas fcs (59 on nwd) [HZ-NS59]

F-WWTQ Airbus A320-271N 11416 Go First fcs [VT-]

F-WWTO Airbus A320-251N 11438 Vistara fcs to DC Sun PM

F-WWBD Airbus A320-251N 11442 SAS Scandinavian Airlines fcs (EI-SCA) Fuel test Sat FL Sun 

F-WWDI Airbus A320-251N 11443 Flynas fcs (58 on nwd) [HZ-NS58]

F-WWDF Airbus A320-251N 11455 Iberia fcs [EC-NZQ]

F-WWIO Airbus A320-251N 11459 Avianca Colombia fcs [N]

F-WWBO Airbus A320-271N 11469 Aegean Airlines fcs [SX-]

F-WWDS Airbus A320-251N 11488 IndiGo fcs (PT on nwd) [VT-IPT]

+ 1 Aegean A320 fcs 11338 or 

+ 1 China Eastern A320 fcs 11346 or 11423

+ 1 All White A320-251N F-WW?F 11451 needs confirmation 

F-WWCE Airbus A330-941 1967 Cebu Pacific Air fcs (06 on nwd) [RP-C3906]

F-WWKP Airbus A330-941 2031 Delta Air Lines fcs (N422DX)

F-WWYO Airbus A330-941 2035 ITA fcs JN on tail 

F-WWCL Airbus A330-243MRTT 2036 Primer cls (MRTT for UAE as 1304) [EC-346]

F-WZHC Airbus A350-1041 430 Qatar Airways fcs (NT on nwd) [A7-ANT]

F-WLXV Airbus A350-1041 438 Qatar Airways fcs (OB on nwd) [A7-AOB]

F-WZFB Airbus A350-1041 440 Qatar Airways fcs (OC on nwd) [A7-AOC]

F-WZNK Airbus A350-941 581 Air China fcs (2DL on nwd) [B-32DL]

F-WZGU Airbus A350-1041 605 Virgin Atlantic fcs (OB on tail, nwd) [G-VBOB]

F-WZFX Airbus A350-941 611 Ethiopian Airlines fcs (ZN on nwd) [ET-AZN] Sun only

F-WZFT Airbus A350-941 614 Air China tcs 

F-WWEF ATR 72-600 1637 US-Bangla Airlines fcs (AKP on nwd) [S2-AKP]

F-WWES ATR 72-600 1649 US-Bangla Airlines fcs [S2-]

(F-WWES) ATR 72-600 1741 FedEx Feeder fcs (707 on nwd) [N707FE]

-rear of flightline

(F-WWEW) ATR 72-600 1629 TAROM cls, white tail -rear of flightline

Nr Flight Test Hangars

F-WWBK Airbus A320-251N 11476 China Eastern Airlines fcs (E1 on nwd) [B-32E1]

Near flightline

F-WWTS Airbus A320-251N 11495 Peach fcs Sat only

F-WWIR Airbus A320-251N 11498 IndiGo fcs (PV on nwd) [VT-IPV] to FL Sat Pm

F-WWDH Airbus A320-251N 11514 (for ITA) primer fuselage and primer tail

F-WWBM Airbus A320-251N 11518 Air Malta fcs Sat only Fuel Test Sun

F-WWDA Airbus A320-271N 11522 LATAM fcs (XBN on nwd) 

F-WWTR Airbus A220-251N 11541 Flynas tcs primer fuse

11613 front and rear fuselage primer – Sat only

11623 front and rear fuselage primer – Sun only

Outside front of ATR hangars

F-WWET ATR 72-600 1627 white cls 

(F-WWEN)ATR72-600 1760 primer cls freighter

ATR fit out hangar

F-WWLJ ATR42-600 1614 primer with white tail cls primer 

F-WWLK ATR42-600 1615 primer with white tail cls

F-WWEK ATR72-600 1665 Air Corsica fcs

F-WWEL ATR 72-600 1666 Azul Brasil fcs (XB on tail, nwd) [PR-YXB]

F-WWEL ATR 72-600 1735 Royal Thai Air Force fcs

F-WWEW ATR 72-600 1744 FedEx Feeder fcs (708 on nwd) [N708FE] 

+A20N Austrian Airlines fcs (11418 or 11467?)

Outside near A330 Halls

F-WWCJ Airbus A330-941 2032 Delta Air Lines fcs 

F-WWCN Airbus A330-941 2037 Delta Air Lines fcs 

F-WWYS Airbus A330-941 2039 Primer cls (for ITA Airways) PA on tail (EI-HPA)

F-WZGR Airbus A350-1041 617 British Airways tail fcs (WBO on tail, nwd) [G-XWBO]

F-WZNU Airbus A350-941 621 Turkish Airlines fcs

F-WZNZ Airbus A350-941 625 China Southern Airlines tail cls, primer

A330/350 area

F-WWCD Airbus A330-941 1959 Garuda Indonesia fcs (for Condor)

F-WWCM Airbus A330-941 1973 Cebu Pacific Air fcs (04 on nwd) [RP-C3904]

F-WZFZ Airbus A350-941 554 Primer cls (for Air India)

F-WZGT Airbus A350-941 585 Primer cls (for Air India)

F-WZNY Airbus A350-941 589 Primer cls (for Air India)

F-WZHH Airbus A350-941 592 Primer cls (for Air India)

F-WZGZ Airbus A350-941 594 Primer cls (for Air India)

F-WWXL Airbus A350-941 602 Asiana Airlines fcs (522 on nwd) [HL8522]

F-WWIW A350-941 607 China Eastern fcs

F-WZFU Airbus A350-941 612 Air France fcs (VB on nwd) [F-HUVB]

F-WZFL Airbus A350-941 624 China Eastern Airlines tail cls, primer

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