LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 18/4/2023


72 in fitout, primer, white tail, 6th from front, left side
72 in fitout, 4th from front, left side
72 in fitout, 2nd from front, right side
72 no tail, primer, outside 320 line
72 no tail, white, outside 320 line
72 white, mid field


421614F-WWLJFit Outprimer, no tail
421615F-WWLKoutside lineMated Fuse
721627F-WWETTunisAir ExpressTS-LBHoutside linewhite
721637F-WWEFUS-Bangla AirlinesTest Areafcs
721649F-WWESUS-Bangla AirlinesTest Areafcs
721658F-WWEDFit Outprimer
721665F-WWEKAir CorsicaFit Outfcs, white tail
721666F-WWELAzul Linhas Aereas BrasileirasPR-YXBFit Outfcs
721668F-WWENBinter CanariasFit Outprimer
721676F-WWEXoutside lineMated Fuse
721735F-WWELRoyal Thai Air ForceTest Areafcs
721744F-WWEWFedEx FeederN708FEFit Outfcs
721758F-WWELFit Outprimer
731760NO REGoutside lineprimer
A32010800F-WWBQChengdu AirlinesB-32D8Delivery Centrefcs
A32011106F-WWITAir CairoDelivery CentreViva Columbia fcs
A32011187F-WWIEKuwait Airways9K-AKSDelivery Centrefcs
A32011218F-WWDCAir CairoTest AreaViva Columbia fcs
A32011230G-UJEAeasyJet UKDelivery CentreViva Columbia fcs
A32011242G-UJEBeasyJet UKDelivery CentreViva Columbia fcs
A32011339F-WWIUStarFlyerJA28MCTest Areafcs *
A32011369F-WWBIAzul Linhas Aereas BrasileirasPR-YSOTest Areafcs
A32011384F-WWIBAegean AirlinesSX-NEJDelivery Centrefcs
A32011401VT-IPSIndiGoDelivery Centrefcs
A32011403F-WWIFBritish AirwaysG-TTNUDelivery Centrefcs
A32011408F-WWTMItalia Trasporto AereoEI-HJEDelivery Centrefcs
A32011414F-WWDZFlynasHZ-NS59Test Areafcs
A32011416F-WWTQGo FirstTest Areafcs *
A32011418F-WWDUAustrian AirlinesOE-LZPATR fitoutfcs *
A32011423F-WWBYChina Eastern AirlinesB-32DYTest Areafcs
A32011438F-WWOTVistaraVT-TQQDelivery Centrefcs
A32011442F-WWBDScandinavian Airlines ConnectEI-SCATest Areafcs *
A32011443F-WWDIFlynasHZ-NS58Test Areafcs *
A32011450F-WWBFItalia Trasporto AereoOE-IDATest Areaall white
A32011455F-WWDFIberiaEC-NZQTest Areafcs
A32011459F-WWIOAviancaTest Areafcs *
A32011461F-WWDFItalia Trasporto AereoOE-IFITest Areafcs
A32011467F-WWIKAustrian AirlinesTest Areafcs
A32011469F-WWBOAegean AirlinesSX-NEQTest Areafcs
A32011474F-WWIXAegean AirlinesSX-NEMTest Areafcs *
A32011476F-WWBKChina Eastern AirlinesB-32E1Test Areafcs *
A32011485F-WWBXIndiGoTest Areafcs
A32011488F-WWDSIndiGoTest Areafcs
A32011506F-WWICGo Firstlatwhite fuse, tail cls
A32011518F-WWBMAir MaltaTest Areafcs
A32011539NO REGFlynasFit Outtail cls
A32011541NO REGFlynasTest Areatail cls
A32011549F-WWTUViva Air ColombiaTest Areawhite tail
A32011572NO REGLATAM BrasilFit Outtail cls
A32011576F-WWNIeasyJet UKATR fitouttail cls
A32011623NO REGAir AstanaTest Areafront & rear
A3301959F-WWCDCondor FlugdienstSt Martin LagardereGaruda fcs
A3301967F-WWCECebu Pacific AirRP-C3906Test Areafcs
A3301973F-WWCMCebu Pacific AirRP-C3904St Martin Lagarderefcs
A3302031F-WWKPDelta Air LinesN422DZTest Areafcs
A3302035F-WWYOItalia Trasporto AereoEI-HJNTest Areafcs
A3302037F-WWCNDelta Air LinesTest Areafcs
A350430F-WZHCQatar AirwaysA7-ANTTest Areafcs *
A350438F-WLXVQatar AirwaysTest Areafcs
A350440F-WZFBQatar AirwaysA7-AOCTest Areafcs
A350554F-WZFZSt Martin Lagardereprimer
A350575F-WZHFAir ChinaB-32D3Delivery Centrefcs
A350581F-WZNKAir ChinaB-32DLTest Areafcs
A350585F-WZGTSt Martin Lagardereprimer
A350589F-WZNYSt Martin Lagardereprimer
A350592F-WZHHSt Martin Lagardereprimer
A350594F-WZGZSt Martin Lagardereprimer
A350595F-WZNLAir ChinaB-32DNTest Areafcs
A350602F-WWXLAsiana AirlinesHL8522St Martin Lagarderefcs
A350605F-WZGUVirgin Atlantic AirwaysG-VBOBTest Areafcs
A350607NO REGChina Eastern AirlinesSt Martin Lagarderefcs
A350609F-WZGVBritish AirwaysG-XWBNTest Areafcs
A350611F-WZFXEthiopian AirlinesET-AZNTest Areafcs
A350612F-WZFUAir FranceF-HUVBSt Martin Lagarderefcs
A350613F-WZNXWorld2FlyEC-NZFTest Areafcs
A350614F-WZFTAir ChinaTest Areatail cls
A350618F-WZNFTurkish AirlinesTC-LGMTest Areafcs
A350625F-WZNZChina Southern AirlinesTest Areatail cls

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