LOG: Montpellier (MPL) 30/4/2023

Log with credit to Dan seen Montpellier, Sun 30/4/23 1230-1400

9H-AKH Airbus A320-232 3484 Airwaze cls (ex SX-DGR)

Credit : Dan Raistrick

Photos: https://www.flickr.com/gp/danraistrick/V84d72cVn6

ENAC & ESMA ramps

F-BTTE Dassault Mercure 100 5 esma cls

F-GBEJ Nord 262 7 white cls no reg worn

Vallair ramp

9H-AKG Airbus A320-232 3519 Airwaze cls (ex SX-DGO)

9H-AKH Airbus A320-232 3484 Airwaze cls (ex SX-DGR) 

D-ACLO Boeing 737-4H6(SF) 27673 Swiftair/West Atlantic cls

ER-AXA Airbus A320-232 2401 white cls

OE-IBH Airbus A320-232 3873 white cls (ex HL7788)

N1207A Airbus A321-231(F) 1207 white cls (ex UR-WRV)

P4-AAK Airbus A320-232 4459 Aruba Airlines cls (ex VN-A198)

VP-BWX Airbus A320-232 2393 Red Wings cls (ex PR-MAV)

VQ-BBX Boeing 737-8JPWL 39444 NordStar cls

VQ-BDB Airbus A321-231SL 6734 white cls

Freight area

EC-NLS Boeing 737-436(SF) 25856 West Atlantic cls 

LZ-BMF Airbus A319-112 1786 Air Moldova cls (ex ER-AXM)

N974M Airbus A321-231(F) 974 Onur Air cls (ex TC-OEC)

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