LOG: Toulouse Francazal (LFBF) 07/05/2023

Log and photos with credit to Dan, seen Toulouse Francazal, Sun 7/5/23 1450-1530

EC-MUJ ATR 72-212A 879 CanaryFly cls, no tail

Credit : Dan Raistrick

Photos: https://www.flickr.com/gp/danraistrick/Sp05Vq85Ro

EI-GUC Airbus A320-232 1920 white cls (ex VT-IDS)

VP-CQA Airbus A320-232 3621 Pacific Airlines cls (ex VN-A560)

2-MKJK Airbus A319-133 4259 white cls (ex 9V-SBH)

F-WTBO Airbus A321-231 4406 Qatar Airways basic cls, no titles (ex A7-AIC. For Yamato Transport as JA82YA)

A7-AID Airbus A321-231 4530 Yamato Transport cls (to be JA83YA. No reg worn)

VP-CQB Airbus A320-232 4533 Pacific Airlines cls (ex VN-A562)

EI-GYY Airbus A320-216SL 5844 Easyjet Europe cls (ex JA01VA) [OE-IDU]

EI-HCR Airbus A320-216SL 5926 Easyjet Europe cls [OE-]

F-WXAW Airbus A320-271N 10749 Qingdao Airlines cls

F-WXAX Airbus A320-271N 10879 Qingdao Airlines cls

F-WXAI Airbus A321-271NX 10968 Qingdao Airlines cls (B-32A7)

F-WWTP Airbus A320-271N 11361 Go First fcs (DH on nwd) (VT-WDH)

F-WWTQ Airbus A320-271N 11416 Go First fcs (DI on nwd) (VT-WDI)

M-ABRC ATR 72-212A 715 Afrijet cls (ex TR-ABC)

F-GRPJ ATR 72-212A 724 Air Corsica cls

EC-KSG ATR 72-212A 796 Binter Canarias cls (hangar)

TR-ABS ATR 72-212A 829 white cls

TR-ATR ATR 72-212A 833 Afrijet cls

HZ-A10 ATR 42-600 859 Alpha Star cls (hangar)

EC-MUJ ATR 72-212A 879 CanaryFly cls, no tail

D4-BFB ATR 72-600 1028 Bestfly Cape Verde cls

PK-GAH ATR 72-600 1181 Garuda Explore cls

PK-GAK ATR 72-600 1249 Garuda Explore cls

PK-GAL ATR 72-600 1254 Garuda Explore cls

F-WWLX ATR 42-600 1604 white cls, Chinese fuselage titles

R204 Transall C-160R 204 French Air Force (64-GD)

R226 Transall C-160R 229 French Air Force (64-GZ)

TF-BBH Boeing 737-4Y0(BDSF) 23865 Bluebird Nordic cls

OE-LVB Boeing 737-883(WL) 28323 Blue Air cls (ex YR-BMP, for Sun Express)

EI-GTN Boeing 737-85F(WL) 30568 Sriwijaya Air cls (TN on nwd. Ex PK-CMR)

M-ABPP Boeing 737-846WL 35353 white cls (BPP on nwd. Ex JA324J)

OE-ITU Boeing 737-8 MAX 43921 white cls

OE-IWQ Boeing 737-8 MAX 43926 Spicejet cls

OE-LFG Boeing 737-8 MAX 43927 Spicejet cls

N796BA Boeing 737-8 MAX 44304 white cls

N799BA Boeing 737-8 MAX 44305 white cls, Bonza rudder

N798BA Boeing 737-8 MAX 44308 white cls, Bonza rudder

I-SKYB Embraer 120RT Brasilia 120087 white cls, Skybridge titles

TJ-ZES Embraer 145 145668 Fly ZeJet cls (ZES on nwd, ex F-GUBE)

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