LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 23/5/2023

Seen between 1700 and midnight at TLS.

350 Qatar fcs, test area
320 Austrian fcs, test area
320 China Eastern fcs, test area
320 Peach fcs, test area
320 LATAM fcs, test area
320 White, test area
320 FlyArstan fcs, fitout hangar
320 FlyArstan fcs, midfield hangar
320 DLH fcs, ATR fitout hangar
330 white, test area
72 primer, test area
72 US Bangla fcs, test area
72F primer, outside prod line
72 Binter fcs, SML hangar
72 Indigo fcs, fitout hangar


421614F-WWLJFit Outprimer
421615F-WWLKFit Outprimer
42811F-WWLYFit Outdemo cls, no tail
721627F-WWETTest Areawhite
721629F-WWEWflyafrijetTest Areafcs
721637F-WWEFUS-Bangla AirlinesTest Areafcs
721658F-WWEDTest Areaprimer
721665F-WWEKAir CorsicaTest Areafcs
721667F-WWEMTest Areaprimer
721671NO REGFit Outprimer
721676NO REGProduction LineMated Fuse
721677NO REGProduction LineMated Fuse
721678NO REGProduction Linefuse, msn rubbed out before and after “1678”
721746F-WWEYFit Outprimer
721753F-WWEGFedEx FeederFit Outfcs
721755NO REGFit Outprimer
721758NO REGFit Outprimer
721759NO REGFit Outprimer, no tail
721761NO REGTest Areaprimer
A32011218LZ-DCPAir CairoDelivery CentreViva Columbia fcs
A32011299F-WWDGLufthansaD-AIJJDelivery Centrefcs
A32011333F-WWIDGo FirstVT-WDGDelivery Centrefcs
A32011339F-WWIUStarFlyerJA28MCTest Areafcs
A32011416F-WWTQGo FirstVT-WDIDelivery Centrefcs
A32011418F-WWDUAustrian AirlinesOE-LZPTest Areafcs
A32011442F-WWBDScandinavian Airlines ConnectEI-SCADelivery Centrefcs
A32011455F-WWDFIberiaEC-NZQTest Areafcs
A32011491F-WWDMFlyadealHZ-FBCTest Areafcs
A32011495F-WWISPeach AviationJA212PSt Martin Lagarderefcs
A32011498F-WWIRIndiGoVT-IPVTest Areafcs
A32011502F-WWDOItalia Trasporto AereoEI-HNETest Areafcs
A32011514F-WWDHItalia Trasporto AereoEI-HOCTest Areafcs
A32011516F-WWBJFlynasHZ-NS65Test Areafcs
A32011522F-WWDALATAM BrasilPR-XBNTest Areafcs
A32011530F-WWDXeasyJet EuropeTest Areafcs
A32011534F-WWBGIndiGoTest Areafcs
A32011541F-WWTRFlynasHZ-NS64Test Areafcs
A32011576F-WWINeasyJet UKTest Areafcs
A32011586NO REGPeach AviationTest Areafcs
A32011589F-WWIVIndiGoTest Areafcs
A32011600F-WWIJBrussels AirlinesOO-SBATest Areatail cls
A32011602NO REGIndiGoFit Outtail cls
A32011621NO REGTunisairFit Outtail cls
A32011624F-WWDNCorporateTest Areafcs
A32011635NO REGItalia Trasporto AereoFit Outtail cls
A32011664F-WWIAAzores AirlinesProduction Linemated fuse
A3301961F-WWYECondor FlugdienstD-ANRFSt Martin Lagarderefcs
A3301972F-WWCSCondor FlugdienstD-ANRDDelivery Centrefcs
A3302035F-WWYOItalia Trasporto AereoEI-HJNDelivery Centrefcs
A3302037F-WWCNDelta Air LinesN425DXSt Martin Lagarderefcs
A3302038F-WWCZItalia Trasporto AereoEI-HJOTest Areafcs
A3302039F-WWYSItalia Trasporto AereoTest Areafcs
A3302040F-WWKTCondor FlugdienstTest Areafcs
A350409F-WZNDQatar AirwaysA7-AOATest Areafcs
A350438F-WLXVQatar AirwaysF-WLXVTest Areafcs
A350589F-WZNYF-WZNYSt Martin Lagardereprimer
A350592F-WZHHF-WZHHSt Martin Lagardereprimer
A350594F-WZGZF-WZGZSt Martin Lagardereprimer
A350602F-WWXLAsiana AirlinesHL8522St Martin Lagarderefcs
A350605F-WZGUVirgin Atlantic AirwaysG-VBOBDelivery Centrefcs
A350607F-WWIWChina Eastern AirlinesSt Martin Lagarderefcs
A350609F-WZGVBritish AirwaysG-XWBNTest Areafcs
A350612F-WZFUAir FranceF-HUVBTest Areafcs
A350613F-WZNXWorld2FlyEC-NZFDelivery Centrefcs
A350616F-WZFDAir FranceF-HUVCTest Areafcs
A350618F-WZNFTurkish AirlinesTC-LGMTest Areafcs
A350622F-WZGQIberiaEC-OAYTest Areafcs
A350623F-WZNPBritish AirwaysG-XWBPTest Areafcs
A350624F-WZFLChina Eastern AirlinesTest Areatail cls
A350625F-WZNZChina Southern AirlinesTest Areafcs

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