F-WWLF / HK-5315 AT46 1406 Easyfly
F-WWEI / VT-IYP AT76 1529 IndiGo ( LFBF – TLS )

F-WWEN msn 1557 active on ground as ATR1557

HK-5313X msn 1407 delivered as GCW1407 ( hexcode 0AC424 ) ex F-WWLG
S2-AKH msn 1485 delivered as S2AKH ( hexcode 702098 ) ex F-WWEK


AIB02DJ F-WWDJ / HK-5308 msn 8891 Viva Air Colombia
AIB03IJ F-WWIJ / VT-IZW msn 8877 Indigo

F-WXAR msn 8847 delivered as  AIB8847 ex F-WWIG
EC-NCT msn 8865 delivered as VLG901P ( hexcode 34610E ) ex F-WWDT


AIB08CN F-WWCN / 3B-NBU msn 1884 Air Mauritius

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