LOG: Toulouse Francazal (LFBF) 13/04/2019

Log with credit to EDBO seen at Toulouse Francazal Sat 13th April 2019

9H-AGX. 512. ATR 42-500. Air Botswana
2-LFEA. 621. ATR 42-500. SATENA
M-ABKM. 699. ATR 72-212A. white. (for Sky Express)
A2-ABR. 786. ATR 42-500. Air Botswana

OY-YCF. 969. AT7 72-212A(F). white

OY-YCR. 1027. AT7 72-212A(F). white

F-WNUG. 1219. ATR 42-600. Silver Airways. (N403SV)

F-WWLC. 1403. ATR 42-600. Silver Airways. (N405SV)

F-WTBX. 1466. ATR 72-600. white. (For TAP Express as CS-DJI)

F-WTBY. 1474. ATR 72-600. Avianca Argentina. (LV-HUT)

F-WWEL. 1532. ATR 72-600. IndiGo. (VT-IYQ)
F-WWES. 1538. ATR 72-600. IndiGo. (VT-IYR)

F-WWED. 1547. ATR 72-600. IndiGo. (VT-IYV)

F-WWEE. 1548. ATR 72-600. primer

F-WWEG. 1550. ATR 72-600. IndiGo. (VT-IYW)

– plus one other IndiGo ATR 72-600

– plus an unknown ATR 72 with Air KBZ titles (possibly OY- registered)

2-STRA. 2396. A319-132. ex Olympus Airways (basic scheme)
TF-PRO.  7580. A321-211. WOW Air (arrived. Ferried SNN-TLS-FZL)
EI-GIB. 8371. 32N. QIngdao. fcs. (B-307V)
EI-GII. 8430. 32N. QIngdao. fcs. **ASSUMED**
F-WWBD. 8736. A320-271N. GoAir. (VT-WJH)

F-WWDL. 8784. A320-214. Chengdu

F-WWIH. 8845. A320-214. Chengdu

F-WWIM. 8850. A320-271N. GoAir. (VT-WJK)

F-WWDU. 8860. A320-271N. Air Astana. (P4-KBJ)

2-RLBE. 30567. B737-85F. Andes

Anything else not logged was not read due to heat haze and not of interest anyway.

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