LOG: Billund (BLL) 14/04/2019

Log and photos with credit to Dan seen Billund, Sun 14/4/19 1250-1425

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? AT76 ???? NAC blue/white cls, no reg
SX-JOY AT45 457 Sky Express fcs -Skyways Technics Hangar
OY-YAN AT75 570 white cls
HB-ACC AT75 664 white cls – Skyways Technics Hangar
OY-YAE AT75 705 white cls – NAC Hangar
OY-YCN AT76 966 white cls – NAC Hangar
OY-YCH AT76 972 ex Azul Brasil cls
OY-YCI AT76 988 ex Azul Brasil cls
OY-YCU AT76 1086 white cls, Aeromar tail fin
OY-YCG AT76 1450 Far Eastern Air Transport cls (B-28268 under tape)
UR-GBD B733 28659 basic Ukraine Int’l cls
I-SMET MD82 49531 basic Meridiana cls
I-SMER MD82 49901 Meridiana cls
I-SMEN MD83 53013 basic Meridiana cls

CS-LTF C68A 680A0123 – D1409 NJE638W
D-ANSK CRJ2 Global Reach Av’n cls
D-IJOA C25A 525A-0034 A1345 ECA8M
F-GGGT C550 550-0611
G-PROO HA4T RC-34 – Hangared
N588MM GLEX 9684 – Hangared
OE-GIQ LJ45 45-005 – Hangared
OO-GMJ B350 FL-460
OY-EKC FA7X 121 – Hangared
OY-JAI C500 500-0193
OY-JBJ H25B 258358 – Hangared
OY-JJC H25B 258637 – Hangared
OY-JJD BE40 RK-133 – Hangared
OY-JJK HA4T RC-64 – Hangared
OY-JJN C501 501-0252 – Hangared
OY-NDP C25A 525A-0372 – Hangared
OY-SKK FA8X 417 -Hangared

Terminal side
EI-GED CRJ9 15420 white cls
OY-RUS A320 447 DAT cls
OY-RUT MD82 49902 basic Meridiana cls

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