F-WWEF / EC-NDD AT76  msn 1572 Binter

F-WWEK msn 1577 active on ground as ATR1577


AIB01IN F-WWIN / VT- msn 9031 IndiGo
F-WWIN Airbus A320 Neo Indigo
Credit : @Eurospot
AIB02BI F-WWBL / RP-C3239 msn 8988 Cebu Pacific Air
F-WWBI Airbus A320 Neo Cebu Pacific
Credit :  @Eurospot
AIB04IM F-WWIM / VT-WJK  msn  8850 Go Air

HK-5319 msn 8994 delivered as HK5319 ( hexcode 0AC95A) ex F-WWBU


AIB02CX F-WWCX / 3B-NBV msn 1890 Air Mauritius
F-WWCX Airbus A330 Neo Air Mauritius
Credit:  @Eurospot
AIB04YT F-WWYT / CS-TUE msn  1897 TAP Air Portugal


AIB01GS F-WZGS / PR- msn  282 LATAM
F-WZGS Airbus A350 LATAM
Credit : @Eurospot
AIB02TW F-WWTW / A7-AMK msn 249 Qatar Airways
F-WWTW Airbus A350 Qatar
Credit : @Eurospot
AIB03NL F-WZNL / 9V-SHH msn 316 Singapore Airlines

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