LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 27-07-2020

Log and photos with credit to Dan, seen Toulouse, Mon 27/7/20 0900-1500. Additions and differences to Sunday.

Delivery Centre ramp
F-WWIB A20N 10062 VivaAerobus fcs (VIX on nwd) [2nd flight AM]

DC hangar
HA-LJB A20N 10092 Wizz Air fcs [test reg removed]
F-WWXL A35K 71 Virgin Atlantic fcs (OT on tail, nwd)

F-WWBO A20N 10065 Iberia fcs (NJU on nwd)
F-WWBZ A20N 10070 Azul Brasil fcs (SG on tail, nwd)
F-WWDZ A20N 10129 Wizz Air fcs (LJD on nwd)
F-WWKP A332 1968 Primer cls (for MRTT)
F-WZGQ A35K 380 Cathay Pacific fcs (XM on nwd)
+1x A20N Wizz Air fcs (10192?)

Beluga shed A320 tails
10167 Aeroflot
10… China Express

Hangar near Beluga drop off
1x A35K Qatar fcs (420?)

ATR hangar
F-WWEX AT76 1566 IndiGo fcs (XS on nwd)
1x Hokkaido Air System fcs with 12HC on nwd

ATR production hangar
NO-REG AT76 1649 Primer fuselage (T3164963S649)
NO-REG AT76 1654 Primer fuselage (T31654A43079)
NO-REG AT76 1661 white tail cls, primer (T3166163S661)

A320 production hangar
F-WWDF A20N 10126 Aeroflot fcs (PQ on nwd)
F-WW.. A20N 10197 Air Cote d’Ivoire tail cls, primer
F-WW.. A20N 10204 Colorful Guizhou Airlines tail cls, primer

Outside rear of ATR hangar area
F-WWEJ AT76 1641 white tail cls, primer (brown)

A330 Halls
F-WWYU A338 1964 Kuwait Airways fcs (PF on nwd) [Hangar]
F-WWYR A339 1970 AirAsia X tail cls, primer
F-WWKU A332 1982 Primer cls (for MRTT) [towed out 1110]

A350/380 area
F-WZFO A359 401 Cathay Pacific fcs (QE on nwd)

Engine test bay empty this morning all aircraft moved to near the A350 paint hangars

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