Log with credit to Nick, Sean, Steve & Terry Fri 31/07/20 16:45-17:15.

D-AXAG9268A320-251NChina Eastern Airlinesto be B-30C3
D-AVXE9345A321-271NAir Chinato be B-30D9
D-AVXD9386A321-253NXChina Southern Airlinesto be B-30EY
D-AVZC9168A321-253NXChina Southern Airlinesto be B-30EC
D-AXAO9279A320-214Chengdu Airlines
D-AVXW9288A321-253NXChina Southern Airlinesto be B-30E5
D-AYAS9048A321-253NXChina Southern Airlinesto be B-30E1
D-AVXS9325A321-253NXChina Southern Airlinesto be B-30E7
D-AVVX9219A320-251NChina Eastern Airlinesto be B-30CX
D-AUBA9319A320-214Chengdu Airlines
D-AVYD9365A321-251NXChongqing Airlinesto be B-30EL
D-AZAA9240A321-253NXChina Southern Airlinesto be B-30E6
D-AVYM9008A321-251NXChongqing Airlinesto be B-30E8
D-AVXR9226A321-251NXAsiana Airlinesto be HL8371
D-AUBI9471A320-251NIndiGo Airlinesto be VT-ISL

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