LOG : ERFURT (ERF) 01/08/20

Log and photos with credit to Nick, who visited along with Sean, Steve & Terry Sat 01/08/20 14:00-14:30.

D-AUAE9402A320-271NAir Chinato be B-30EJ
D-AUAL9393A320-251NPegasus Airlinesto be TC-NCK
D-AUAM9357A320-251NSaudi Gulf Airlinesto be VP-CGB
D-AUAP9420A320-271NAir Chinato be B-30EK
D-AUAU9344A320-251NSky Airlineto be CC-AZT
D-AUBE9430A320-271NAir Chinato be B-30FA
D-AUBQ9467A320-271NGoAirto be VT-WJU
D-AVVJ9199A320-251NCapital Airlinesto be B-30CF
D-AVXJ9347A321-271NXIndiGo Airlinesto be VT-IUU
D-AVXM9350A321-271NSichuan Airlinesto be B-30D8
D-AVXU9441A321-253NXChina Southern Airlinesto be B-30EW
D-AVYA9266A321-253NXChina Southern Airlinesto be B-30E1
D-AVYC9267A321-253NXChina Southern Airlinesto be B-30ED
D-AVYW9368A321-271NXJuneyao Airlinesto be B-30EQ
D-AVYY9210A321-251NXCapital Airlinesto be B-30F1
D-AVZE9302A321-253NXChina Southern Airlinesto be B-30E2
D-AVZN9335A321-271NSichuan Airlinesto be B-30CS
D-AVZY9364A321-271NXVietjetAirto be VN-A523
D-AXAH9261A320-251NChina Eastern Airlinesto be B-30CY
D-AYAW9311A321-253NXChina Southern Airlinesto be B-30EE
D-AYAY9366A321-251NXAzul Linhas Aereasto be PR-YJC
D-AYAZ9236A321-271NXIndiGo Airlinesto be VT-IUS

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