LOG: Lourdes (LDE) 25/09/2021

Log with credit to Rob and Sander. Photos with credit to Rob.

2-HXFJAirbus A330 2431561all white
2-RLAXAirbus A330 223943Bamboo Airways
2-RLAYAirbus A330 223962Bamboo Airways
2-SSCAAirbus A330 343E1544all white
9H-ACXAirbus A340 313E544South African Airways
9H-ACYAirbus A340 313E582South African Airways
9H-ACZAirbus A340 313E590South African Airways
9H-AHQAirbus A330 343E1754South African Airways
9H-AIYAirbus A380 86152Air France
9H-MIPAirbus A380 8416all white
9H-XFGAirbus A330 2431407Virgin Australia
A6-APAAirbus A380 861166Etihad Airways
A6-APBAirbus A380 861170Etihad Airways
A6-APCAirbus A380 861176Etihad Airways
A6-APIAirbus A380 861233Etihad Airways
B-308GAirbus A350 941246Hainan Airlines
B-308HAirbus A350 941251Hainan Airlines
B-308JAirbus A350 941260Hainan Airlines
B-30DMAirbus A350 941351Hainan Airlines
B-30DPAirbus A350 941355Hainan Airlines
CN.008Airbus A380 8418all white
CN.013Airbus A380 86113all white
CN.046Airbus A340 21246ex Government of Brunei colors
CS-TFXAirbus A340 542912Hi Fly
CS-TNHAirbus A320 214960all white
D-AIMCAirbus A380 84144Lufthansa
D-AIMIAirbus A380 84172Lufthansa
D-AIQDAirbus A320 211202Lufthansa
EI-DECAirbus A320 2142217ex Aer Lingus colors
EI-EWHAirbus A330 223891National
EI-GCCAirbus A320 2332044Ernest Airlines
EI-GWKAirbus A319 1112228Air Cote d Ivoire
F-GSPRBoeing B.777 228ER28683Air France
F-GYRYPilatus PC-6 B2-H4935Private
F-HBILAirbus A330 243320Corsair International
F-HPJAAirbus A380 86133Air France
F-HPJCAirbus A380 86143Air France
F-HPJHAirbus A380 86199Air France
F-HPJIAirbus A380 861115Air France
F-HPJJAirbus A380 861117Air France
F-HRGDEmbraer ERJ-145 LU145369Amelia
F-WTAZAirbus A340 541608all white
F-WWAIAirbus A340 3111Airbus
F-WZNWAirbus A350 9414Airbus
LZ-GNIAirbus A319 1312469South African Airways
N243GEAirbus A330 203477TAP Portugal
N244GEAirbus A330 203486TAP Portugal
N246GEAirbus A330 223291Brussels Airlines
N693AVAirbus A321 2316002ex Avianca Central America colors
N696AVAirbus A321 2316138ex Avianca colors
N697AVAirbus A321 2316190ex Avianca Central America colors
N835JMAirbus A300 B4-203F259DHL
OE-IPQBoeing B.737NG 85P28382British Airways
OE-ITSAirbus A320 2324621all white
OE-ITWAirbus A319 1112353ex easyJet Airline colors
OE-ITYAirbus A319 1112370ex easyJet Airline colors
OH-LTMAirbus A330 302E994Finnair
OH-LTNAirbus A330 302E1007Finnair
OH-LTOAirbus A330 302E1013Finnair
OH-LTPAirbus A330 302E1023Finnair
OH-LTRAirbus A330 302E1067Finnair
OH-LTSAirbus A330 302E1078Finnair
OH-LXAAirbus A320 2141405Finnair
OH-LXBAirbus A320 2141470Finnair
OH-LXHAirbus A320 2141913Finnair
OH-LXIAirbus A320 2141989Finnair
OH-LZEAirbus A321 2111978Finnair
OH-LZFAirbus A321 2112208Finnair
OO-ABDAirbus A340 313E921Air Belgium
TU-TSAAirbus A319 1112213Air Cote d Ivoire
VP-BDVAirbus A330 2431508ex Avianca colors
VT-IESAirbus A320 2325090all white

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