LOG: Hamburg Finkenwerder 07/03/2022

Log with credit to Colin Wright, who paid a visit to Finkenwerder on Monday 7 March from 9am to 3pm including a tour at lunchtime.

Dan’s log from the previous day pretty much summarised the situation at present so I will only add additional items seen off help to fill in some of the gaps.

Only one Qingdao seen – D-AZWI/10724 with one addition in the shape of D-AVXC/10817.

River side store
The Iberia Express had moved to the midfield ramp.
11011 NO REG A321N primer with Aegean tail was towed over in the morning.

Midfield area
There was an unidentified Wizz A321N seen in full cs and a second Volaris A321N also in full cs in addition to D-AZXO/10447.
D-AUBL/10127 320N Sichuan appeared mid-morning in full cs

Hangar 213/4
10679 NO REG 321N primer with Pegasus tail
Plus a further Pegasus A321N, Loong A321N and Air Astana A321N all primer cs

Outside near hangar 213/4
10878 NO REG A321N Turkish Airlines tail cs, primer
10843 NO REG A321N Wizz Air full fcs (LZO on nwd)

Old A380 DC ramp
10814 NO REG A321N Pegasus tail cs, primer
D-AVYK/10??? A321N Pegasus full cs
D-AVYU/10489 A321N Volaris full cs
10924 NO REG A321. Delta tail cs, primer

Hangar 241-2
D-AVWR/10352 A321N Scoot
D-AZAK/10207 A321N Indigo
D-AVZA/10891 A321N Wizz
D-AZWO/10698 and D-AZWY/10736 A321N China AL
D-AZXJ/10467 A321N Delta AL

Hangar 243-4
D-AVVB/10420 A320N Indigo
VT-IMH/10759 A321N Indigo
D-AZXM/10645 A321N Jetstar
D-AZXU/10534 A321N Air Astana
D-AVXX/10461 A321N TAP
D-AVYH/10892 A321N Lufthansa

Hangar 7
4 x A320/1 present – 3 with blue engines and one with white engines

Hangar 9
10912 NO REG A321N Loong Air tail cs, primer
10896 NO REG A321N Indigo tail cs, primer
10894 NO REG A321N Wizz tail cs, primer

Hangar 14
10883 NO REG A320N Sibir tail cs, primer towed out
Plus a Viva A321N not read

Fuel cell area near hangar 7
D-AZX? A321N Pegasus full cs
NO REG A321N Air China tail cs, primer
Plus another primer A321N with a black and white tail cs?

Plus 40-50 rear fuselage sections and 4 front sections of A320/1 family aircraft outside.


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