AIB01IF F-WWIF / D-AENA msn 10758 Eurowings

F-WWIF / D-AENA Airbus A320-251N Eurowings s/n 10758 - First flight * Toulouse Blagnac 2022 *

Credit : @Eurospot

AIB02TR F-WWTR / VQ-BQI msn 10786 SmartAvia

A320n F-WWTR MSN10786

Credit : Alan PARDOE

AIB02TX F-WWTX / EI-SIL msn 10764 SAS

A320n F-WWTX MSN10764 (EI-SIL)

Credit : Alan PARDOE

AIB03TN F-WWTN / JA208P msn 10774 Peach Aviation

A320n F-WWTN MSN10774 (JA208P)

Credit : Alan PARDOE


AIB03YU F-WWYU / B-58302 msn 2006 Starlux Airlines

A330-941 F-WWYU MSN2006

Credit : Alan PARDOE

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