LOG: Hamburg Finkenwerder (XFW) 26/03/22

Visited 14:00-19:00 (including a public tour 16:10-18:40). with credit to EDBO.

Delivery Centre
10447 D-AZXO Volaris fcs
10620 D-AVXZ Starlux Airlines fcs
10666 D-AZWN Air China fcs

DC Ramp (runway side)
10411 JA205P Peach Aviation fcs
10426 D-AVZZ Starlux Airlines fcs
10535 D-AZWB Loong Air fcs
10733 D-AZXD IndiGo fcs
10789 D-AVYD S7 Airlines fcs
10881 NOREG Wizz Air to
10892 D-AVYH Lufthansa fcs

DC Ramp (behind)
10400 D-AYAK Sichuan Airlines fcs
10455 D-AVWW Sichuan Airlines fcs
10724 D-AZWI Qingdao Airlines fcs

Fuel Test

10127 D-AUBL Sichuan Airlines fcs
10146 D-AYAM Jetstar fcs
10284 D-AVYG Bamboo Airways fcs
10317 D-AVYI Vietjet Air fcs
10448 D-AVWU Qingdao Airlines fcs
10458 D-AZAW Peach Aviation fcs
10461 D-AVXX TAP Air Portugal fcs
10707 D-AZAK IndiGo fcs
10713 D-AZXG Air China fcs
10739 D-AZXN Pegasus fcs
10759 D-AZWU IndiGo fcs
10778 D-AZXY Sichuan Airlines fcs
10809 D-AZWZ S7 Airlines fcs
10832 NOREG Aegean Airlines to
10854 NOREG Turkish Airlines to
10874 D-AVXA IndiGo to
10920 D-AVYE Aegean Airlines fcs
10991 D-AZXX Iberia Express fcs
Jetstar fcs either 9540/D-AVZS or D-AZXM/10645 – see also between H221/H225

Flightline (near Run Up Bay)
10695 D-AZXP IndiGo fcs
10844 D-AXAX Aegean Airlines fcs
10945 D-AVYW IndiGo fcs

Outside Hangar 14S
10756 D-AZXZ S7 Airlines to

Hangar 9
10912 NOREG Starlux Airlines to
10924 NOREG Pegasus to
10941 NOREG SAS n/a primer, fin not attached
10848 front fuselage only

A380 Delivery Centre
10067 D-AYAV Jetstar fcs
10161 D-AVYQ overall white wt
10486 D-AYAZ Sichuan Airlines fcs
10665 D-AZWC China Airlines fcs
10814 NOREG Pegasus to
VietjetAir fcs either 10128/D-AYAQ or 10331/D-AYAB or 10434/D-AVYC – all seen
VietjetAir fcs either 10128/D-AYAQ or 10331/D-AYAB or 10434/D-AVYC – all seen

Hangar 213
10856 NOREG Viva Aerobus to
NOREG Delta Air Lines to next should be 10884 but not possible to confirm

Between Paint Hangars 221 & 225
Jetstar fcs either 9540/D-AVZS or D-AZXM/10645 – see also Flightline

Hangar 241
10698 D-AZWO China Airlines fcs
10855 NOREG Volaris n/a primer. Fin still not attached and now outside hangar!
10974 D-AYAF Delta Air Lines fcs

Hangar 242
10489 D-AVYU Volaris fcs
10672 D-AVYF Wizz Air UK fcs
10867 NOREG Loong Air to

Hangar 243
10420 D-AVVB IndiGo fcs
10716 D-AVVU SAS fcs
10913 D-AVYK Pegasus fcs

Hangar 244
10187 D-AVYP Cathay Pacific fcs
10534 D-AZXU Air Astana fcs
10836 D-AYAS Viva Aerobus fcs

Dockside (outside 241-243/244)
10272 D-AVXO VietjetAir fcs
10275 D-AVXN VietjetAir fcs
10441 D-AVYZ VietjetAir fcs
10877 D-AVYN Air Busan fcs
10893 NOREG Wizz Air to
10962 D-AVZK Pegasus fcs
11011 D-A??? Aegean Airlines fcs (SX-NAG – AG on nwd)

Outside Buildings 245/246
10931 NOREG China to
Vietjet Air fcs either 10128/D-AYAQ or 10331/D-AYAB or 10434/D-AVYC – all seen
Air China fcs too many options
Air China fcs too many options

Paint Shop
Loong Air 10648 or 10796

10853 D-AVXE Cathay Pacific fcs
10865 D-AVZD IndiGo fcs
10878 NOREG Turkish Airlines to
10915 NOREG ? China Airlines fcs D-AZAP allocated
Air Astana to probably NOREG/10902
S7 Airlines fcs probably D-AYAG/10883
IndiGo fcs too many options
Viva Aerobus fcs likely to be either 10742/D-AZXL or 10779/D-AVZB
SAS fcs Probably D-AVVT/10629

Unknown (in centre seen from viewing deck but not seen on tour)
Wizz Air

Sections only (various locations)
10674 rear Area behind H14
10887 rear near H1/H3
10888 rear Area behind H14
10898 front Area behind H14
10900 rear Area behind H14
10923 front near Beluga offload
10923 rear Area behind H14
10925 rear Area behind H14
10951 rear near H1/H3
10959 rear near H1/H3
10983 rear Area behind H14
10989 rear Area behind H14
10997 front Dockside
11005 rear Area behind H14
11018 rear Area behind H14
11020 rear Area behind H14
11043 rear near H1/H3
11049 rear near H1/H3
11056 rear Area behind H14
11060 rear Area behind H14
11062 rear Area behind H14
11066 rear Area behind H14
11079 rear near H1/H3 A20N
11081 rear Area behind H14
11087 rear Area behind H14
plus many, many more (a sea of sections – mainly rears!!!)

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