LOG: Toulouse Blagnac (TLS) 27-28/03/2022

Visited 27th March 16:35 – 28th March 14:50 – log and photos with credit to EDBO.

1565 F-WWEW white overall wt Flightline
1598 F-WWEI TAROM fcs Flightline 28/03 only. (Assumed – only three TAROM)
1620 F-WWEL Toki Air fcs old ATR DC 28/03 only
1627 F-WWET white overall wt Flightline
1629 F-WWEV TAROM fcs Flightline
1631 F-WWEY prm o/s ATR production
1637 F-WWEF TAROM fcs Flightline
1639 F-WWEH prm o/s A320 FAL
1646 NOREG prm Storage
1647 NOREG prm Storage
1650 F-WWET prm Storage
1651 NOREG prm o/s A320 FAL Assumed from stencil –
1722 F-WWEX ASL/Fedex Express fcs Flightline Unconfirmed – one on FL 27-28/03, one o/s ATR production 28/03
1727 F-WWED ASL/Fedex Express fcs Flightline near prod 2 x Fedex only known to be here currently
white overall wt old ATR DC 28/03 only

10546 F-WWDM S7 Airlines fcs Storage
10555 F-WWBS Vistara fcs Flightline
10637 F-WWDE China Express fcs DC Ramp
10658 F-WWBY China Eastern fcs DC Ramp
10693 F-WWDG Viva Air Colombia fcs Flightline
10712 VP-BQA Smartavia fcs AF Industries
10737 F-WWBE China Eastern fcs Flightline
10741 F-WWTL China Eastern fcs Storage
10758 F-WWIF Eurowings fcs DC Hangar
10761 F-WWBM SAS Ireland fcs DC Ramp
10763 F-WWIP Flyadeal fcs DC Hangar
10783 F-WWIV Colorful Ghizhou fcs DC Ramp
10788 F-WWTS JetSMART fcs to hangar nr F/L 28/03 only
10791 F-WWDH Smartavia fcs DC Ramp
10794 F-WWTM Cebu Pacific Air fcs Flightline RTOs 28/03
10799 F-WWDR Tigerair Taiwan fcs DC Hangar
10800 F-WWBQ Chengdu Airlines fcs Storage
10802 F-WWBP Avianca fcs Flightline RTOs 28/03 – 963 on nwd
10804 F-WWDF Azul Linhas Aereas fcs Flightline Donald Duck scheme – RTOs 28/03
10806 F-WWIM S7 Airlines fcs Flightline
10807 F-WWBJ Flynas fcs Flightline RTOs 28/03
10813 F-WWTU SAS Ireland fcs Flightline Gudrum Viking
10818 EC-NTO Iberia fcs DC Ramp
10823 F-WWIV IndiGo fcs Leak Test also wearing VT-IIU
10826 F-WWBN Eurowings fcs Leak Test
10829 F-WWDA IndiGo fcs Storage Engineless
10835 F-WWDX Flynas fcs Leak Test
VT-TQJ Vistara fcs Storage Engineless
China Eastern fcs Flightline
Flyadeal fcs Flightline
Flynas fcs Leak Test
Vistara fcs Flightline
Volaris fcs Flightline
Volaris fcs Flightline
10949 rear fuselage only 28/03 only

780 F-WWYM Airbus wt Flightline ex Air China
1824 F-WBXL Airbus fcs Flightline
1902 F-WWKH Hong Kong Airlines fcs Flightline 28/03 only
1958 F-WWYP Garuda Indonesia fcs A380 ramp (north)
1959 F-WWCD Garuda Indonesia fcs A380 ramp (north)
1961 F-WWYE Garuda Indonesia fcs A380 ramp (north) moved to A380 ramp 28/03
1970 F-WWYR Cebu Pacific Air fcs A380 ramp ex Air Asia ntu. Moved to A380 ramp (north) 28/03
1971 F-WWYA Condor — A380 ramp Air Asia tail, white fuselage
1973 F-WWCM Cebu Pacific Air wt A380 ramp (north) white overall
1976 F-WWYJ Cebu Pacific Air fcs A380 ramp Air Asia tail, white fuselage
1988 F-WWCC Garuda Indonesia wt A380 ramp white overall. Engineless
1996 F-WWYZ Delta Air Lines fcs o/s A330 Halls
1999 F-WWKT Delta Air Lines fcs DC Ramp pinging as N416DX 28/03
2004 F-WWKE Cebu Pacific Air fcs Fit out hangar 28/03 only
2009 F-WWYF Corsair fcs Flightline
2010 F-WWCK Delta Air Lines fcs Flightline
2012 F-WWYS Armee de l’Air prm DC Hangar
2016 F-WWYQ Kuwait Airways to o/s A330 Halls

270 F-WZFT ITA Airways fcs A380 ramp FB’ on fin tip
283 F-WZFY white overall wt Flightline 28/03 only
409 F-WZND Qatar Airways fcs A380 ramp
438 F-WLXV Qatar Airways fcs A380 ramp
444 F-WZFJ Qatar Airways fcs o/s A330 Halls 28/03 only
459 F-WWIV Qatar Airways fcs DC Hangar
493 F-WZGY Aeroflot fcs Storage
494 F-WZFV Singapore Airlines fcs Flightline
506 F-WZNZ China Southern to A380 ramp
507 F-WZFU Virgin Atlantic fcs Flightline
512 F-WZFD China Southern fcs Flightline
547 F-WZFX British Airways fcs Flightline 28/03 only
548 F-WZFM Air France fcs DC Ramp
551 F-WZNX Air France fcs Flightline
552 JA16XJ Japan Air Lines fcs Flightline pinging as F-WZGV 28/03
554 F-WZFZ Aeroflot fcs A380 ramp
556 F-WZFG Iberia to A380 ramp
558 F-WZFN Aeroflot fcs Flightline Engineless
564 F-WZNP Singapore Airlines to o/s A330 Halls
570 F-WZFC Air China to o/s A330 Halls

Storage = ramp between Flightline and run up bay

For info – nothing outside at Lacatoere
For info – ATR hangar remained closed all the time (again…)
For info – A350 static test frame (?) stored in three sections near A380 hangars

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