LOG: Seville (SVQ) 29/03/2022

Log with credit to Wayne. The following were seen at Seville on 29/3 whilst in transit (with a brisk walk around to the Airbus factory).

6550 C-295 / SC-105 Brazilian AF (Flew)

295502 / EC-004 CC-295 RCAF (Flew)

295505 CC-295 RCAF

295510 CC-295 RCAF

295511 CC-295 RCAF

295513 CC-295 RCAF

295514 CC-295 RCAF

T.21-04 / 35-42 C-295M Spanish AF

T.21-12 / 35-12 C-295M Spanish AF

C/n 193 C-295W in primer

A4M122 A400M French AF

54+40 A400M German AF

T.23-01 / 31-21 A400M Spanish AF

21-0118 A400M Turkish AF

C/n 125 A400M in primer (wearing a German flag)

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