LOG: Toulouse Francazal (LFBF) 18/5/2023

Log with credit to Rob.

EC-MUJATR.72879Canary Fly
F-GRPXATR.72734Air Corsica
F-WKVDATR.72829all white
M-ABRCATR.72715all white
M-ABRRATR.721254Garuda Indonesia Explore
PK-GAHATR.721181Garuda Indonesia Explore
PK-GAKATR.721249Garuda Indonesia Explore
2-MKJKAirbus A319 1334259all white
EI-GUCAirbus A320 2141920all white
OE-IDUAirbus A320 2145844EasyJet Europe
OE-IDXAirbus A320 2145926Easyjet Europe
VP-CQAAirbus A320 2323621Pacific Airlines
VP-CQBAirbus A320 2324533Pacific Airlines
F-WXAXAirbus A320 271n10879Qingdao Airlines
F-WXAWAirbus A320 271n10749Qingdao Airlines
NO REGAirbus A321 2314530Yamota Transport colors, no titles
F-WTBOAirbus A321 2314406ex Qatar Airways colors
F-WXAIAirbus A321 271nx10968Qingdao Airlines
TF-BBHBoeing B.737 4Y0F23865Bluebird Cargo
N796BABoeing B.737MAX 844304all white
N798BABoeing B.737MAX 844308all white
N799BABoeing B.737MAX 844305all white
OE-ITUBoeing B.737MAX 843921all white
OE-IWQBoeing B.737MAX 843926SpiceJet
OE-LFGBoeing B.737MAX 843927Spicejet
M-ABPPBoeing B.737NG 84635353all white
EI-GTNBoeing B.737NG 85F30568Sriwijaya Air
TJ-ZESEmbraer ERJ-145 MP145668Fly Ze Jet
R204VFW Transall C.160R204French Air Force
R226VFW Transall C.160R229French Air Force

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